'The Cape' Fan Columnist: Mistakes Were Made
'The Cape' Fan Columnist: Mistakes Were Made
Kevin Wohler
Kevin Wohler
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The last time fans of The Cape heard from the secret organization of assassins called TAROT, a knife-wielding chef named Cain was trying to kill someone. In episode 6, "Goggles and Hicks," we get a chance to meet a new deadly duo.

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Goggles (Pruitt Taylor Vince) and Hicks (Chad Lindberg) are a unique team of assassins. Goggles is a wheelchair-bound tech genius. Hicks is the killer, a menace with gun or knife. The team arrives in Palm City, where they are hired by Peter Fleming (James Frain) to kill The Cape. He offers to pay double if The Cape is dead in 24 hours.

Saturday in the Park

Vince Faraday (David Lyons) wakes up with a bruise the size of a Mini Cooper on his left side. He goes over to visit the Circus of Crime and interrupts a serious argument between Max (Keith David) and Ruvi (Anil Kumar). Raia (Izabella Miko) realizes Vince is not feeling well and discovers he has broken ribs.

Max advises Vince to take a day off from being The Cape and give his body a chance to heal. But Goggles has set a trap for The Cape.

Orwell (Summer Glau) receives a tip that Scales wants to meet with The Cape. She convinces Vince to suit up. Vince goes to meet Scales, thinking Scales wanted to meet. Scales, however, thinks that The Cape set up the meeting. To our surprise, Hicks isn't there to kill The Cape. Instead, he marks the hero with a tracking device.

Orwell and Vince meet to discuss the meeting with Scales. The two reminisce about what they would be doing on a normal Saturday before their lives led them to a world of dual identities.

Meanwhile, Fleming announces a new chief of police: Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick), Vince's former partner and Fleming's inside man. The news doesn't sit well with Vince's widow (Jennifer Ferrin), who has been virtually ignored by Marty since she tried to get his help back in episode 3.

While Vince takes a day to wander around the city, stalking his family, Goggles and Hicks get to know their subject a bit better. When they realize they've been hired to kill a dead man, they decide it's time to do the deed.

Orwell has traced the tip they received about Scales. She believes the only person who could have pulled off such a thing is her. But even as she and Vince discuss the implications of this information, they are attacked by a drone. Vince is shot, but the cape beneath his clothes has saved him. He and Orwell split up and run, but Vince is eventually cornered. He uses his cape to defeat the drone, and Orwell uses the tech to trace the signal back to its source.

Watch Hicks and Goggles in action again:

Strangers in the Night

Trip is setting up a surveillance trap to catch The Cape if he comes back. Trip meets Gerry Blander (Grant Collins) the nerdy little boy who lives in the apartment below. Gerry offers to help Trip with his camera, but as they plug in the whole place goes black.

Goggles has decided the only way to stay ahead of Orwell is to hide. To do so, he unleashes a device that causes a city-wide blackout.

Under the cover of darkness, Hicks goes on the hunt for The Cape. Fearing that Vince might have a tracer on him, Orwell convinces him to take off his shirt. Orwell sees the extent of his injuries.

The two begin to talk about their lives, and we learn more about her. Orwell never knew her mother and said her father left when she was 12. She's been on her own ever since. Her father used to watch her dance. He'd drive to her lessons and watch.

(Kind of like Fleming watching that ballerina music box a couple of episodes ago. Still don't think Fleming is Orwell's dad? Seriously, people. This is the worst kept secret in TV history.)

In the darkness, Orwell discovers the tracer on Vince's skin. She removes it, but only seconds before Hicks appears and shoots up the place.


Orwell and Vince escape from Hicks and go on the offense. They hijack Goggles' van and go on a joyride. Hicks manages to hold on for a short period of time, but they manage to lose him.

Dana returns home to find Trip and Gerry laying on the floor, done in by the copious amounts of ice cream they ate in an attempt to "save" it during the power outage. As Gerry says, "Mistakes were made." She is pleased that Trip has finally made a friend, noting, "We need more friends."

Hicks has a meeting with Fleming. He gives Fleming a thread from the cape, but regretfully admits that The Cape is still alive. Fleming fires Hicks and warns him, "Tell your masters I won't be using them again."

In the end, Hicks finds Vince one more time. He bargains to keep Vince's secrets if he gets his brother back. Vince doesn't want to deal, but Orwell gives up Goggles' location.

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