Todd McKee Talks about Return to 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Todd McKee Talks about Return to 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
It's been 15 years since Todd McKee last took a turn on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Last month, the actor rejoined the CBS drama, fascinated with the new faces that have since become part of the show, as well as the changes that have occurred since he was last on it.

McKee, who has reprised his role as Jake MacClaine, spoke to Soap Opera Weekly about his return to The Bold and the Beautiful.

“It was like returning to a dream. I'd remembered it as a dream from 17 years ago.  Walking in, I was like, ‘This really was part of my life.  This really did happen!'  But they're all there, the same characters and actors.”

Of course, there have been more changes than carryovers, since McKee was last on the soap.  For one thing, back then, when his character was paired with Felicia Forrester, the actress portraying it was still Colleen Dion and not Leslie Kay.

Another thing different now is the speed with which scenes are shot and wrapped up.  McKee recalls how they used to have three rehearsals, whereas now, it's almost a one shot deal.

“The biggest surprise was how fast they shoot,” the actor remarked.  “We used to do three rehearsals: camera, dress and the first try.  When I was called to set, I figured it was the rehearsal, but they were going for it!”

McKee's return to The Bold and the Beautiful is partly the result of the long-standing friendship he developed with Brad Bell, executive producer and head writer of the soap.

“Since day one when I left, I remained friends and tennis partners with [executive producer/head writer] Brad Bell.  When I was on B&B, every Thursday at 3:30 we'd show up at his parents' house and play a grueling couple of sets of tennis,” McKee said.  “After tennis a month ago, he said, ‘Hey, Todd, what do you think of coming on the show?'  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I thought he wanted me to move sets or help him with something.  I had no idea he was talking about bringing Jake MacClaine back!”

As to how far and how long his return engagement will be, McKee had only this to say:  “I have no idea.  Brad said [it's] just for a little visit.  Beyond that, it's in the hands of the fans and their feedback.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Soap Opera Weekly
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