The Bold and the Beautiful: September 10 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: September 10 Live Thoughts
Things don't look good for Thorne on The Bold and the Beautiful.  The wedding is still under way.  Donna has been walking down that aisle the whole weekend.  Thorne looks worried, mulling over everything Katie told him about Donna's real intentions.

Nick is still in his office when Taylor comes in.  Nick tells her that Donna told his mother, Jacqueline, that she is only marrying Thorne to stick it to Stephanie.

The wedding has made it past the "Speak now or forever hold your peace" bit.  Felicia is reading from 1 Corinthians, while everybody but Donna scowls.  Katie in particular, is grimacing quite well.

The Bold and the Beautiful goes to opening credits just as Donna is about to recite her vows.  Thorne spaces out during Donna's vows, with Katie's voice playing over and over in his head.

Thorne gives up on his prepared speech and ad libs.  Donna tells him that he loves her, but he says, "I can't, I can't do this," and walks away.  Donna, panicked runs after him.  Stephanie stands bolt-upright when this happens.

Stephanie is pleased as punch about what happened, and wants the guests to leave.  The guests, however, really want their meal, and talk about going to get drinks by the pool.

Thorne runs into the den talking to himself.  Maybe he's really the father of Hope and RJ because he's really not the sharpest of the bunch.  Donna comes in and begs him to continue with the wedding, saying that he's only experiencing cold feet.  Donna demands to know who put those ideas in his head, and just as he is about to answer, Katie appears at the door.

After the break, Donna accuses Katie of stabbing her in the back.  It dawns on Donna that Stephanie and Katie were in cahoots about stopping the wedding.  Katie apologizes for telling on her to Thorne, but she thinks it's for the best.  Donna makes one final attempt to convince Thorne to marry her but telling him that she loves him.  But he just says, "No, you don't," causing her to run out crying.

The house is empty now.  I guess Stephanie was successful in making everyone go home.  Taylor arrives and finds out that Thorne couldn't go through with it.

Thorne and Katie are still in the den.  Thorne thanks her for saving him from making a terrible mistake, and they hug.

Donna is in the pool house.  She has taken off her wedding dress and this is like the fourth time she is flaunting her bridal underwear.  Stephanie comes in to taunt her.  Donna swears that this is not over and that she will get her revenge some day.  There is a little mini-slapfight.  I was expecting Donna to punch Stephanie out, which would have totally rocked, but instead she just slaps her.  But it's not entirely clear what happened because camera editing is so jerky that you can't really tell what happened and there wasn't an accompanying bitchslap sound-effect.  I really want there to be a fight scene on The Bold and the Beautiful.  The Ridge versus Andy confrontation on the roof was so unsatisfying.

Anyway, that's it for today, folks!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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