The Bold and the Beautiful: August 22 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 22 Live Thoughts
We open with Brooke and her daughter Bridget.  Brooke tearfully tells her what happened last night.  Brooke tells her everything, from her first meeting with Andy to the events that transpired last night at the house.

We cut to a shot of the floor around Donna's and Thorne's couch.  There are various items of clothing strewn about, and sure enough, the camera angle shifts to show Brooke and Thorne canoodling on the couch.  Funny, Donna drew on Thorne with the erasable marker on yesterday's episode, but wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, he seems pretty clean today.

Stephanie is still whispering doubts into Ridge's ear, very much in the style of Lady Macbeth.  Thorne and Ridge leave the room, leaving sworn enemies Stephanie and Donna to exchange insincere pleasantries.  Donna asks for help with planning her wedding to Thorne; Stephanie suggests having the theme of "when hell freezes over."  Things turn icy between the two of them, resulting in Stephanie accusing Donna of marrying Thorne just to get back at Stephanie for taking Hope and RJ away from Brooke.

At Brooke's, Bridget insists that she has to call the police, but Brooke refuses.  She says that if they call the police, Andy would just say that Brooke wanted it.  I think the bruises on her arm might indicate the opposite, but that's just me. 

Bridget promises that she won't call the police until Brooke tells her it's okay, but gives her the number of an anonymous helpline.  She offers to examine her secretly at the hospital to collect evidence of the rape in case Brooke changes her mind, but it might be too late because Brooke already took a shower.  Bridget tells her that she needs to draw some blood to run tests and to give her a strong dose of progestin, which will prevent pregnancy.

At Forrester manor, Thorne accuses that Stephanie is the one who is putting ideas into Ridge's head about whether Brooke should get custody of the kids.  Stephanie retorts that it's Donna who is putting ideas into Thorne's head.  Hm, I think they might both be right.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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