'The Blacklist' Recap: Will Tom Admit the Truth?
'The Blacklist' Recap: Will Tom Admit the Truth?
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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This week's episode of The Blacklist, titled "The Pavlovich Brothers," begins with people getting vaccinated in a labor camp in China. A nurse suspiciously does something weird and I think a needle is switched. A guard shakes his head like he's in on it. Just then, the woman that was injected has a seizure. The nurse wants to take her to the hospital and a guard doesn't want to let them, but they go. Then the people in the ambulance start speaking English! The army men figure out what happened and surround the ambulance. They open the door to find everyone gone. They were in a different truck. They revive the woman and tell her she's okay and they're taking her to Washington DC. 

A bunch of seemingly Russian men get a call and decide that they'll go to Washington too and that Hezbollah will just have to wait. They have more important things to do.

Guess Who's Back?

Red has a new assignment for Lizzie. "The Pavlovich brothers are back in town," he says. They're the ones that grabbed the General's daughter way back at the beginning of the season. They don't have a political agenda. They just grab people. Red has a contact and they find out that they are taking a Chinese scientist. She was in a labor camp for treason after a scientific discovery of some kind that may have had something to do with vaccines and was extracted.

The woman is in America but is quickly rushed away and she's confused. She was told she would be safe. She's told that there's a threat and she needs to be moved. Ressler and Lizzie show up and the shooting promptly begins. It's like the bad guys are always waiting for Ressler and Lizzie to arrive before being bad. The woman is taken. The Pavlovich brothers are at it again! Always one step ahead of our team.

The team realizes that the scientist had something to do with a germ warfare program. The scientist is dragged somewhere gross and is thrown on a mattress. She picks up something off the floor to write on the wall with as something is injected in her. The men wear gas masks and open a tank.

Red gives Lizzie a riddle. He tells her that to find where the brothers are, she needs to figure out where they've been. From that, she realizes that their helicopter is key. Aram found a clue in the case! They realize that they're looking for a pesticide manufacturer that used to sell tobacco but then switched to corn. They find a location.

The brothers are moving the scientist. They put her in a box with a gasmask and creepily smile at her on and put her in a truck. But Red shows up just in time and introduces himself.

Shots go off. Then Lizzie and Ressler are on the scene looking at where the scientist was. Everyone's gone. They find what the scientist wrote on the wall but can't decipher it. It says BopVG.

Ressler finds it suspicious of Red to lead them to the brothers and then everyone's gone. He thinks that he wanted the scientist. And they led him right to her!

Aram found out the code. It's Archimedes' formula. She was trying to tell them that they're getting her out of the country.

Lizzie calls Red to ask where the scientist is. He denies taking her. He had other, more personal, reasons for going to the brothers. He says he tried to bargain for her life, but he couldn't. They think she's on a cargo ship, but Red says that it's a smuggling operation. He says to go to Rolph Cisco.

Ressler and Malik find Cisco. The scientist is being moved and she's panicking. The team shows up just in time and the shooting starts. The scientist screams, but she's saved. Ressler carries her out of the box and she hyperventilates.

Malik questions the scientist while Harold and Ressler watch. Harold asks Ressler about what's going on with Lizzie. Ressler says she's having problems at home. Are they finally going to happen? Ressler couldn't be more right about Lizzie, though. She's certainly having problems at home. She wasn't even really part of this case because she was too busy dealing with Tom, and rightfully so.

The First Two Years of Marriage are Always the Hardest

I've always heard that the first two years of marriage are always the hardest. This couldn't be more true for anyone more than it is for Lizzie and Tom.

Lizzie and Tom talk about Jolene Parker. Lizzie said there's a suspect and that they found blood. Tom's decidedly uncomfortable. He tells her that he doesn't want her to be in danger and to protect herself. She knows better, though, and puts a tracker in his keys.

Lizzie tells Red that Tom knows something's wrong. She has a sudden epiphany that he killed Jolene. "Yes," Red simply says. He already knew but didn't tell Lizzie. Tom and Jolene worked together. But why did he kill her? Because he's out of control. This is an opportunity for them to watch Tom now.

Red calls Lizzie about Tom. He's not at work. She makes a quick excuse to the team to go meet him. They watch him in a park. Lizzie just wants to get her hands on him. He starts to move, but they don't go anywhere. Lizzie wants to follow him, but it's taken care of. Red had some lady with a baby carriage and some dude on a skateboard and a guy on a cell phone watching him. "They all work for you," Red tells Lizzie. She doesn't listen or care, though; she runs out of the car and goes after him. 

She sees him standing with a man. He's about to take a folder, but he sees a security camera and almost sees Lizzie, so he says, "Not now," and they leave with Lizzie just missing the other guy. Someone got pictures, though.

Lizzie comes home to find the music box Red made playing. Tom asks her about it and she said her father gave it to her. They both lie to each other about their days and whatnot. But Tom does admit he stopped by the natural archives where Lizzie followed him. He said there was a woman that looked just like her there. He's a little suspicious, but she denies it. The tension's building. Something's going to happen. The anticipation is killing me.

Tom leaves to walk the dog, but Lizzie opens the door and only the dog comes back in. Tom gets rid of his tracker. He makes a call and says, "She knows." Things are about to get real.

Tom's gone now. Lizzie's upset. And Red admonishes her for jumping in. "For Tom, it was business," Red says. It wasn't emotional for him like it was for her. She's very betrayed, though. They just had sex the other night! They were going to have a child. Seriously, what would have happened to that kid if it had gotten that far and they actually adopted one? I still want to know. Lizzie decides she's going to find Tom with or without Red.

While Lizzie's working the case, Red and Dembe go to find a man: a driver named Samir. He had a passenger and Red wants to know where he took him. Red goes to the man Tom had been talking to. He and Dembe copy his driver's license. He was dropping off a book. They realize that there's a code in the book. The man just does pick-ups and drop-offs. Red wants a list of all the locations. Red tells him to go through with his job with the package after he makes a copy of the page and that he should forget their conversation.

The skateboard kid updates Red on Tom's location and the security in the building he's in. Red just laughs when Dembe asks how he plans on "getting Keen out of that concrete box." Red calls Lizzie and she says she doesn't want to talk to him about it. She'll deal with Tom. She's pissed at Red. She doesn't agree with his opinions about the situation and what he had said in their earlier conversation.

Men tell a homeless man to move away from a building. But he's not really a homeless man. He's really a Russian guy who set a bomb and starts shooting. He and some other men are at the building where Tom and some other guys are. Tom and Co. are in trouble and need to move. They get in cars and speed away. The men keep shooting at him, but it's no use. He's too smooth. A truck smashes into one of the other cars, but Tom's still going strong. He's shot at and uses another man as a shield. Tom's eventually trapped.

Lizzie comes home to find strange men there. "A gift from Reddington. Enjoy," one man says. Tom's tied up in the living room and the other men leave them to their own devices.

Lizzie goes on about how she wasted two years of her life and what it's done to her. She's not happy that he's going to prison for the rest of her life. It doesn't make it better. He keeps saying he was doing his job. But her life was a lie. "Say something to your wife who's dying in front of you," she says. He says that he remembers that she drew a heart in the dust on his shoe when they first started dating. After that, he felt sorry for her because she fell for it. Part of him didn't want it to work, but it did.

Lizzie's on the phone with Ressler about the case, but she notices Tom trying to get away. Tom asks Lizzie about his relationship with Red. He provokes her and asks if he's coming to make her talk. He's not, she is. Tom's not answering questions so she threatens him. He says she doesn't have it in her, but she does.

Lizzie broke Tom's thumb. She says to be honest. She's honest and says she hates pancakes even though he always made them for her. That may not be the most important problem in their relationship right now. He says if you're going to handcuff somebody, don't break the thumb. Lizzie probably should have known that with her FBI training. They fight. He points a gun at her and has her handcuff herself to the stairs. Tom says he was never going to hurt her. He's a good guy. He tells her that he knows she found the key and to use it. Red's the real bad guy. He says goodbye and leaves. Is Tom still not who we think he is?

Tom and Dembe watch Tom, and Red has other people follow him. Red goes to Lizzie's house and sees the destruction. She tells him she lost Tom, but he reassures her. He never let him out of his sight. He always knew what he was doing. "How is this all going to end?" she asks. "This is an end and then something new will begin," he says. He says Lizzie deserves the best.

Lizzie goes and gets the key. Will she finally find the truth? She opens the box to find pictures. Her mouth is open in shock, but of course we don't get to see them. Is Tom really a good guy like he said? What has this revealed about Red?

This week's episode of The Blacklist ends on one huge cliffhanger. What could this mean for Tom and Red? Whose side will Lizzie end up on? Will we finally find out if Tom's really a bad guy next week?

The Blacklist airs Monday nights at 10pm on NBC.

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