'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Triathlon and Finalists Revealed
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Triathlon and Finalists Revealed
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It is the final week on the ranch and the contestants are feeling the pressure. The final five are participating in the first-ever Biggest Loser triathlon. We get to check in on Tanya and Marie, who got sent home last week. And at the weigh-in, the three finalists are revealed.

Where is Tanya Now?

Tanya has been working out, feels confident and has transitioned from her job as a chef of a fried chicken restaurant and instead started her own restaurant of healthy soul food. She seems like she is doing great and will likely look awesome at the finale. 

The Triathlon 

The first-ever Biggest Loser triathlon is a welcome change to the usual marathon of past seasons. The winner of the triathlon will automatically be a finalist at the finale and wins a new Ford Fusion car. They are required to swim .05 miles, bike 12 miles and finish with a three-mile run. Jackie and Dan from season 5 join the contestants at the starting line to inspire them since they are the official spokespeople of The Biggest Loser Run/Walk.  

As soon as the triathlon starts, Rachel takes a big lead and never relents that lead, winning the triathlon and subsequently the first guaranteed spot in the finale. Rachel is a finalist! All the contestants are able to finish and continue to surprise and amaze themselves with their many accomplishments. 

The Journeys

The contestants watch video montages of their individual journeys throughout the season. This is always extremely emotional for contestants and viewers alike because of just how far they have come. It is inspirational to watch their journey because all of them were so miserable at the start and we can see how much happiness and confidence they gained throughout the season. 

Where is Marie Now?

Marie has been continuing to work out and looks great. She and her husband also got the news that she is healthy and will be able to have a baby, which was always her original goal for joining the show. 

The Weigh-In

Of the five remaining contestants, three will be in the finale and two contestants will fall below the red line and be eliminated. Bobby and David both lose huge amounts of weight this week. The two eliminated players are Jennifer and Chelsea.

The three finalists are: Rachel, Bobby and David. 

Next week, the season 15 finale will reveal who wins the title of The Biggest Loser. 

The Biggest Loser live two-hour finale airs next Tuesday at 9pm on NBC.

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