'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Last Week on Ranch Filled With Tears, Cheers
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Last Week on Ranch Filled With Tears, Cheers
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's week 11, guys! We're down to the 'Fab Five' and the competition is stiff. Also, the kids are back. They'll be spending the week together working out. This week will be all about reflecting on the progress they've made since day one. They'll be watching their first interviews and doing the workouts that they could barely finish when they first arrived. 

The kids watch their videos, specifically, the most emotional parts, and it's as much of devastating release as it is a triumph. At this stage of the competition, they need to be reminded of how far they've come, in order to give that final intense push to the finish. There's so much we can learn from these kids. They are heroes.

Last Chance Week

At each station we get a flashback to the first workout. Jackson is still puking at each workout, but every contestant is half the size than they were on the first day. Gina and Danni look like completely different people. Gina is pushing herself on the treadmill and then, SNAP. Injury. She felt something in her foot, more towards the heel, snap as she was running. Gina needs to make the top two, because she knows America will not vote her into the finale. 

Health Check

Dr. Joanna is back to meet with the kids and see how far their health has come. Lindsay started off with a diagnosis of pre diabetes, and today, that is gone! Biingo started off with a risky BMI, and now, is at a much healthier size. His mother has also lost weight! She's gone down 5 dress sizes since the season began. Sunny started off with high cholesterol and high triglycerides. All of that is gone now. 

Message to Your Future Self

These videos kill me. When they reveal the portion of the initial interview that is a message to their "future healthier self", it's so hard to watch. They are just a mess, an extra bulky shell of the person they are meant to be. It always make the contestants break down as well. What would you say to your future ideal-self? What would you change? 

The Final Challenge

The gang heads north into the winter weather for the final challenge. They need to climb a snowy mountain, carrying all of the weight that they've lost in a sled behind them. At each station, they will add the amount of weight they lost on that particular week. First person to the top gets a 1-lb advantage. As always, Joe and Danni are neck and neck the whole way up. Joe wins, just barely. 

Last Last Chance Workout

Everyone breaks down a little bit today. There has been a lot to take in this week. Danni is feeling the pressure and puts it on herself. Jillian snaps her out of it. Jeff tells Bob that he has been like a father-figure that he was hoping to find after losing his dad at a young age. Bob takes Jeff outside and cries for the first time on the show. Jeff and Bob have a special connection. And seeing Jeff's video of him in his basement, just surviving and not thriving, it broke Bob's heart. It'll break yours too.

The Final Weigh-In 

This is it. The top two spots will compete in the finale for the title. The 5th spot will automatically be eliminated. Spots 3 and 4 will have to leave it up to America to choose the 3rd spot in the finale. 

Joe and his 1-lb advantage go up first. He loses 5 lbs. Jackson loses 5 lbs. Gina loses 2 lbs. Jeff loses 11 lbs. He is IN and has one of the spots in the finale. Danni is up last and loses 11 lbs! She snags the other guaranteed spot in the finale. Gina falls below the red line and gets the automatic boot. Now, America will determine if Joe or Jackson gets the third spot. 

Who will you vote for? See you at the finale!!

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