'The Biggest Loser' Recap: It's Always Sunny in Frisco, Texas
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: It's Always Sunny in Frisco, Texas
Last week what's left of the blue team got rid of Mike, their last hope at staying in this instead of being completely obliterated. But this week, Alison is standing in front of a giant, Biggest Loser Plinko board. She tells the contestants that one of them will be going home for an entire week with their trainer.

Anna says she'd be excited to go to Mississippi or Arkansas, which I just don't believe. The person who goes home will weigh in for their entire team. That's a lot of pressure that I would not want. The contestants place a card with their name on it along the bottom of the board, where most of them are hoping the chip won't land. Sunny is the only one hoping to win, even though Bob does not want to leave the ranch.

The chip plink-plonks its way down into Sunny's spot. She's the only one who wanted it, and she runs around acting like it's a great prize. Bob tells her it's going to be work and not fun. If he has his way, she will not see anyone. Wipe that smile off your face, Sunny, you're still overweight and Bob will not have it.

The black team is worried because Sunny has the lowest percentage of weight loss on their team. It might be the worst thing that could have happened. Everyone's nervous about it, and Jennifer cries because she'll be damned if the first black team loss is caused by Sunny!

In the gym, Anna pushes her two remaining team members as far as they can go. The black team suffers without Bob, and Jennifer feels a lack of camaraderie. The red team pushes to finally beat the black team. Without Bob, this is their chance!

Sunny returns to Frisco, TX, where her family agrees to help her work out. She tells them she brought a friend and they all freak out,

"OWH NOWWW! BOB!!" they squeal. I like them. Bob notes that Sunny literally has cheerleaders living in her house and this is the best case scenario. Bob predicts that this week will change Sunny's life. We'd all love to have Bob Harper come into our lives for a week and change them for the better!

The black team's cracks are starting to appear with Bob gone. Antone and Joe are allied, and they disapprove of John and Jennifer, especially Jennifer. Not sure what they think of Sunny, who is in Frisco falling off of treadmills. It's weird to have an episode of Biggest Loser that focuses so heavily on one person so soon. Strange move, NBC.

Sunny tells Bob about an exercise class she was in at that gym where people were laughing at her and she felt impossibly embarrassed. It's good that Bob is there. And it's good that Bob has the focus and intensity of a hungry shark.

It's challenge time, and the red team is more eager than ever to win something ... anything! Each team member will have two glasses to carry across a tangle of strings to fill a cylinder with orange soda. The prize is the opportunity to send someone they know to the Biggest Loser Ranch for two weeks.

The orange soda lesson was a bit unnecessary, but not as unnecessary as Joe's average of 8-10 cans of orange soda a day before The Biggest Loser! Antone makes quick work of his first trip because this, like practically everything else, is like football. Just as Alison declares that the blue team is "not out of this at all," Bonnie trips and falls. They ask Bonnie if she's OK, and she says, "no," which is never the right answer to that question.

Then Bonnie realizes that she's fine, and everyone steps over her on their way to the cylinders. Antone is getting pissed at his team for not all being him, as the red team pulls ahead to victory. You can let them have this one thing, Antone. The red team gets emotional about who they'll send to the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.

"It is a great reward," Alison agrees half-heartedly.

Hilariously, Sunny and her family take Bob to a barbeque restaurant. I thought Bob was vegan? He orders chicken, lean brisket, and turkey for the whole table, and they find it torturous until they cover everything in barbeque sauce. Sunny has a "surprise" for Bob and we all saw this mechanical bull ride coming from a mile away.

Bob begrudgingly dons a cowboy hat and mounts the bull. Maybe he can appreciate the core strength necessary to stay atop this robotic beast. He promises to exact his revenge on Sunny at the gym.

Bob checks in with the black team and discovers that morale is at an all time low. Jennifer feels like an outsider, and while Bob thinks Jennifer has alienated herself with all her baggage, Antone may have had a hand in it.

Dolvett meets with the red team and is glad to hear that they won the challenge, but NOT amused by "Cecil." Cecil is Vinny's nickname for his stomach, which he can make talk.

"People with cancer don't name their tumors," Dolvett points out, "this is no laughing matter." The giggling must come to an end, it's time to take things seriously and win a weigh in for once.

Anna wears a wetsuit in the pool so that Becky and Bonnie don't feel terrible about themselves. Then Bonnie reveals what we've been suspicious of all along: Anna is impatient, shows favorites, and stresses everyone out. Anna might not be the best trainer, and is certainly not the best friend.

Bob wears his cowboy hat to Sunny's Last Chance Workout on an actual ranch. He has her carrying feed bags in 110 degree heat, as some old ranch hands look on.

"Why is she pushing that bale of hay around instead of just moving it to the barn?" their looks seem to ask, "and why is she hammering that tractor tire?" The workout ended and the ranch hands moved all the feed bags and hay bales back to their rightful places on the ranch.

Bob and Sunny stroll into the weigh in hand in hand, and Bob is dressed like the metrosexual Marlboro man. Then, before anyone even weighs in, Bonnie cuts loose on Anna. It's a little uncomfortable, but Bob stands up for Anna. This whole Bonnie and Anna thing won't matter in a few weeks anyway.

The red team weighs in first, and it's time to get serious. Vinny loses a serious 10 pounds, Jessica loses 6, Ramon loses 7. Courtney lost 6 and is pissed about it.

Next, the blue team will weigh in. Can these two ladies' combined weight loss beat one lady's weight loss on the black team? Bonnie lost 4 pounds, and Becky needs to have lost at least 8. And she did it! Becky lost 8 pounds. Bonnie and Anna will have to work out their differences next week.

It all comes down to Sunny. But first, the weight loss that doesn't matter this week. John lost 12 pounds, Joe lost 7, and I missed Jennifer's weight loss because I was making fun of Michele Bachmann's jacket in the GOP Debate. Antone only lost 4 pounds! Do you think he's playing the game because he knew his weight loss wouldn't matter this week? I bet he is.

To keep the black team safe, Sunny needs to have lost more than 6 pounds. Oh yeah, she can do it. She looks good. Sunny lost 14 pounds! She crushed it. That's the power of Bob!

So somehow, the red team is on the bottom and facing elimination again. That sucks! Jessica is safe again this week, so it must be time to vote Courtney the Complainer out. I'm ready for her to go. Dolvett leaves them with a heartfelt motivational speech. He is the best.

Ramon and Vinny give their speeches--neither of them are ready to go home. They want to man up. Courtney cries again but I don't know her well enough to want her to stay. She gives the same speech as before, that she doesn't know enough and doesn't know herself. That's not the attitude you want on your team!

Jessica votes with "the medical standpoint," and votes for Courtney. Courtney voted for Vinny, who had the lowest overall percentage. Vinny keeps it real: it's about the team and Courtney's lack of confidence isn't a medical problem. He votes for Courtney. They keep arguing before even hearing Ramon's vote. Ramon says he already voted Patrick out, and he won't vote a friend out again. Courtney is out.

She has since lost 65 pounds and she looks great! She is an inspiration to her sister, and she gives her the two weeks at the Biggest Loser Fitness Resort. You go, girls!

YES, it's a Halloween episode next week! Someone gained 5 pounds! Ramon and Jessica are kissing and in love?! YOU GUYS!!

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