'The Biggest Loser' Recap: To Save or Not To Save?
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: To Save or Not To Save?
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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The contestants are starting to hit exhaustion levels on the ranch of The Biggest Loser. It's week three, the novelty and excitement has worn off and the work is really starting. The challenge produces consequences that are seen in the weigh-in, emotions are running high for all contestants (and likely viewers) who get a phone call home, and ultimately, one trainer must decide whether or not to use his Trainer Save. We also get to see the transformation of last week's eliminated contestant, Fernanda. Let's dive right in to week 3!

The Reveal

Fernanda was eliminated last week and we get to see her progress thus far since being eliminated. She has lost 55lbs and is feeling sexy again. We see her go on a date with her husband. It's sweet but kind of strange that millions of people know about their intimacy issues. Ultimately, it's nice to see her getting healthy and feeling happy.

The Weird Auction Challenge

It seems like after 15 seasons The Biggest Loser may be running out of challenge ideas. Tonight's "challenge" gives each team 500 "BL Bucks" to bid on gym equipment for the week. The equipment that each team wins is the only equipment they are allowed to use for the entire week. It's weird because the challenges usually keep the contestants active, or at least quiz them on nutrition or something. This is pure strategy, and frankly, pretty boring to watch.

In the end, the Blue Team ends up with kettle bells and rowers, the Red Team with medicine balls and sacks of flour and sugar that were used in a twist by the White Team. The White Team played the auction strategically and ended up with treadmills and boxing equipment, a clear advantage over other equipment. 

The trainers don't seem too concerned by the gym equipment as they never hesitate to use their own bodies, contestants' bodies, or random sticks outside to work their contestants out. As Dolvette says "You don't need equipment to get rough, ragged and raw." Were truer words ever spoken?

Heart to Hearts

This is a constant section for The Biggest Loser recaps because they happen every week. The core of the show is truly emotional and I personally enjoy learning more about each contestant. Tanya is struggling in the gym, which Dolvette recognizes. He pulls her aside after a workout to talk it out. Tanya reveals that she had a traumatic childhood because her mother was an abusive drug addict.

Dolvette advises Tanya that she needs to let go of the anger she has toward her mother and her family by forgiving them. He has her write a letter to her mother and her family in an effort to forgive them. This is actually thoughtful advice. I'm really enjoying Dolvette this season.

Bob (with his mustache) has a heart to heart with Matt, who was supposed to get married this week if he hadn't come to the ranch. He and his fiancee postponed their wedding by one year for him to be on the show. He's feeling selfish and like this wasn't a good decision. Bob tells him to get his head in the game, essentially. 

Phone Calls Home

In a The Biggest Loser first as long as I've been watching it, the contestants all got calls home simply to keep up their motivation and morale. This is pretty ingenious as that is clearly the biggest struggle for so many contestants over the season. They all call home, they all get infused with love and motivation and everyone cries, including myself. It's a beautiful thing and the contestants are more motivated than ever to get back in the gym.

The Weigh-In

The strange thing about the episodes only being an hour long this season is that the weigh-in happens so suddenly. There wasn't even a last chance workout tonight, which are my favorite and constant motivators for getting me in the gym. If they can do it, I can do it, and all of that.

Blue Team weighs in first and have consistently low numbers. Bob is nervous for them. White weighs in next. They've lost the last two weigh-ins and sent a contestant home last week. They are worried, but I'm not since Tumi seems like she's got this. Tumi does with a weight loss of 10lbs and the White Team is safe for once. Those treadmills must have paid off!

Red Team weighs in next and again, the team seems to be struggling with the low numbers. Ruben Studdard is the largest guy on the ranch, and with only a three pound weight loss, it's not looking good for Red. Tanya is set to weigh in last. 

Before we see her weight, Tanya gives a heartfelt speech about how she completed Dolvette's assignment and also wrote a letter to herself, forgiving herself for everything. It's very sweet, makes everyone including Allison cry. The moment lasts for about 10 seconds because she then weighs in and reveals that she has lost ZERO weight this week. Red Team loses the weigh in, Tanya falls below the red line and is up for elimination. 

Allison throws it to Dolvette: Will you use your trainer save? He thinks she wants to be here. He uses his trainer save! Tanya is safe for another week. For Tanya (and anyone with a heart), being saved by Dolvette after not being saved as a child is incredibly emotional. I like Tanya, so I hope she uses it to her full advantage. 

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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