'The Biggest Loser' Early Final Four Predictions
'The Biggest Loser' Early Final Four Predictions
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Of course, it would be impossible to try and predict the winner of The Biggest Loser based only on last night's episode. We have weeks and weeks of weight loss, tears, sad stories and Jillian's intimidating jacked triceps before we can come to that decision.

However, it never hurt to try, right?


OK, so she is a girl and thus it's going to be a lot harder for her to keep up with the guys as far as weight loss goes. It is biology, after all. However, it can be done. Look at Ada, last season.

Courtney has obviously been groomed by the producers to be a fan favorite, and I don't mind at all. That bodacious curly hair! That impeccable attitude!  When she was working the manual treadmill during the first challenge and pulled an "Aw, hell no!" on Rulon, I seriously thought I was going to bust a gut laughing. Here is a 21-year-old girl who is outraged and personally insulted at the very idea that a former Olympic athlete might beat her in a 5K. It's no wonder she is Bob's new favorite. When he was training her in the workout scenes, I saw something akin to unconditional love beaming from his steely peepers. With Bob on your side, how can your results be anything less than incredible?

Additionally, she's already lost 100 pounds on her own. She's halfway through her weight loss journey already and is familiar with the sacrifices she is going to have to make to get through this season. Things that will shock and alarm the other contestants probably won't even register to Courtney. She'll just keep right on crushing.  


Maybe I'm just naive, but this seems to be a good season for women. As I said before, I can't base these assumptions off much, but during the first challenge Kaylee was tearing things up. She did some major work on that treadmill! The only people moving faster than her were Rulon and Justin. Also, she and her father, Moses, seem to have a great relationship, which I'm sure will be a benefit to her as the challenge goes on. He was so proud of her when they came in second place during the challenge! We know she would do great with Bob and Jillian, but we'll have to see how Kaylee fares with the Unknowns.             

However, maybe I'm looking at the wrong half of the Gray team. At the weigh-in Bob and Jillian's team were told that Moses lost 41 pounds that week, a record in TBL history.  Between dad and daughter, the Gray team is clearly a force to be reckoned with.    


This is kind of a no-brainer. Rulon is a big guy, it's true, and he is on the show's heaviest team. Having been an Olympic athlete and let himself go to such an extent could possibly be seen as a sign that he lacks discipline and will do poorly on the show, but last night's results prove this assumption wrong.             

Though his Olympic training is far behind him, some vestiges of the mental discipline needed to succeed in this competition are clearly still with Rulon. He began with a very quick pace in the 5K challenge, and I was almost sure that he would burn out quickly; but the Yellow team's system of going hard and then tagging each other when they couldn't go any further really worked. Not only did he and Justin come in first place, but we discovered at the weigh-in that Yellow had the highest weight loss that week, a whopping 59 pounds. While we can't be sure how they will fare with the Unknowns, their early successes combined with Rulon's individual experience in athletic competition lead me to believe that he might be a finalist.  

Dan and Don             

I can't tell them apart, but I have a soft spot for these guys. They were so adorably puzzled when they lost the first challenge. However, they came to the first workout with the attitude that at least they finished.  Bob and Jill can work with that. Bob and Jillian actually love to work with that. These guys sweated and struggled and I found myself wanting to give them big hugs by the end of it.              

At the weigh-in, they were both so nervous and scared. Their lack of confidence is endearing now, but I can see it being irritating later. They were afraid of being sent home, but then they lost 40 pounds! They were each so elated. Those are pretty big numbers from guys who've never really worked out before. If they keep good attitudes, they could probably continue to pull numbers like this right along. Also, Dan has past weight-loss success under his belt, which could bode him well in being able to mentally prepare for tough times ahead.   

What about you guys? Who can you see going all the way?

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