The Biggest Loser: Episode 6.1 Recap
Tonight, The Biggest Loser returns for its 6th season with a families edition.  Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels will do things a bit differently this time around.  They not only handpicked their teams but they flew out to each team's state to let them know that they made the final cut.  Bob will be working with husbands and wives, while Jillian leads parents and children to healthier lives.  The trainers travel all across the United States, stopping everywhere from South Carolina to Texas, Louisiana to Massachusetts, Washington D.C. to Ohio, to welcome the people that they'll be working with for the next few months.

Alison Sweeney greets all of the contestants in Los Angeles but before the competition can kick off, they'll all need to hit that dreaded scale.  Here are their starting weights:
  • Michelle and Renee: 242 + 267 = 509 pounds
  • Coleen and Jerry: 218 + 380 = 598 pounds
  • Amy and Shellay: 239 + 216 = 455 pounds
  • Amy and Phil: 229 + 331 = 560 pounds
  • Stacey and Adam: 221 + 340 = 561 pounds
  • Vicky and Brady: 267 + 341 = 587 pounds
  • Heba and Ed: 294 + 335 = 629 pounds
  • LT (Little Tom) and Tom Sr.: 357 + 314 = 671 pounds
Heba starts off the season as the heaviest woman and Jerry is the heaviest man.  Tom and LT are the heaviest team initially, even though Tom is the lightest man in the competition.  After the weigh in, it's time to get right to the gym and these contestants have no idea what they're in for! People already start trying to give up, there are tears, and complaints of feeling sick but Bob and Jillian just keep screaming until they get back to working out.

Jerry has the most difficult time with his workout, collapsing and falling off the treadmill.  He keeps saying that he's sorry but Jillian says that all she's looking for is change.  Jerry is sent to see Dr. Huizenga, Associate Professor of Medicine at UCLA.  The doctor tells him that he is one of the most unhealthy people ever to compete on the show and he's going to need a lot of effort and support from others to turn his life around.  Dr. Huizenga goes to Jillian and says that Jerry cannot do any more than 30 minutes of exercise per day for the time being.

Alison meets up with the contestants for their first challenge.  Planes fly overhead with the prizes that they can win this week: luxury, a phone call home, a 24 hour visit home, $5,000, an extra vote, 24 hours alone with their trainer, and immunity.  Prizes galore!  Unfortunately, there's also a 2 pound penalty that one team will win and nobody wants that.  The teams have to traverse across one mile of difficult terrain.  The first team to arrive at the finish line gets thier pick of the prizes.  LT and Jerry are not allowed to compete, due to medical reasons.

Coleen gets there first and grabs immunity for herself and her dad.  Heba and Ed grab $5,000.  Amy and Phil pick a visit home to see their kids.  Amy and Shellay make it second to last, which means that Vicky and Brady are stuck with a 2 pound penalty.  After the competition, each team meets with Dr. Huizenga to have their health analyzed.  The results are scary, predictions of cancer, emphysema, and heart and liver disease, which really shakes the contestants up.

After a brutal last chance workout, the teams head back to the scale to see how much weight they were able to lose in their first week.  Here are the numbers from tonight's weigh in:
  • Coleen and Jerry: 10 + 17 = 27 pound loss (team has immunity)
  • Heba and Ed: 12 + 17 = 29 pound loss (4.61%)
  • Michelle and Renee: 17 + 14 = 31 pound loss (6.09%)
  • LT and Tom: 18 + 24 = 42 pound loss (6.26%)
  • Amy and Phil: 16 + 23 = 39 pound loss (6.96%)
  • Stacey and Adam: 9 + 19 = 28 pound loss (4.99%)
  • Amy and Shellay: 17 + 12 = 29 pound loss (6.37%)
  • Vicky and Brady: 19 + 28 pounds = 47 pound loss + 2 pound loss = 45 pound loss (7.67%)
Heba and Ed fall below the yellow line, along with Stacey and Adam.  Vicky and Brady destroy the competition, ending up in first place, despite appearing weak earlier in the episode.  Stacey and Adam are sent home, week 1 of the competition, and will have to continue their weight loss journey at home.  Since leaving the show, Stacy has lost 46 pounds and Phil has lost 54 pounds.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of NBC)