'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Guess Who's Baaaack!
This is--no pun intended--a pretty heavy episode of The Biggest Loser: Couples. Two contestants return to the ranch. Two contestants find themselves in a position nobody wants to be in. And a fan tells us about how his life changed thanks to the show. But first, to the ranch, and to really odd events.

Welcome back to... We are saying a big hello to the previously eliminated contestants this week, as Alison gives them a chance to return to the ranch for another shot at the competition. (Migdalia was a no-show: she chose to stay at home since her husband is serving duty in Iraq. Sir, we salute you.) Everybody weighs in first, but in a twist, the person with the most weight loss isn't the one going back: it's the person who gets voted in by those who are still in the ranch. Cue really emotional pleas from the contestants.

Cherita was the only one who didn't plea for herself: she decided to campaign for her daughter, Victoria, to return to the ranch. The vote came down between her and John (he who weighed a quarter of a ton, remember him?) but in the end, it was Vicky who returned to the ranch. I'm really happy for her--she was eliminated twice, remember? She finally gets a chance.

But Alison has a second way to bring back an eliminated contestant: a 1,000-step challenge. Miggy was ahead, but so was Melissa. Imagine all the drama that comes with it! All their arguments, all their disagreements--it's natural you'll root for Miggy... until she starts experiencing chest pains. Melissa wins. Goodie, another one.

Singles time: The other big development this week: the contestants are competing against each other now. So it's goodbye to Michael's master plan that was the blue team. Bob and Jillian were joking about the contestants being all "grown up" since they're fighting solo now. Jillian, in a bit of foreshadowing, says this point of the game is when everyone really gets competitive. I bet she's not happy with having Melissa back.

Of course we've got the prerequisite drama tonight, and that involves Stephanie, who allegedly threw the weigh-in a few weeks back to get Sherry out. How come it only came up now? I didn't see it anywhere. She wasn't happy--she's scared of leaving the ranch--but she soon patched things up with Koli and Andrea. All they want from her, apparently, is to open herself up more.

I was watching Vicky closely today since she's never been at the ranch. She's coping, thankfully. The big breakthrough at the last-minute workout came from O'Neal, who's pushed to the limit at the stairs. He admits it's the one thing weighing him down.

Separation time: It was a pretty uneventful weigh-in. Ashley lost a hundred pounds on the ranch. Breakthrough, yes. Vicky lost only two pounds at the ranch--a bit shocking, but I'll say we wait until next week.

The shocker: Sam and Stephanie are below the yellow line. Yes, it hurts to say one of the lovebirds will go home. And it doesn't help that Stephanie faced those rumors earlier. That was foreshadowing, wasn't it? In the end, she was sent home. The only vote for Sam that we saw came from Melissa. Foreshadowing, again, since next week she's back to her own ways, apparently.

Since leaving the ranch, Stephanie's lost 96 pounds and is proud to be in love... you know.

Say hello to Wayne: We end this review with Wayne Vandanlangenberg (long last name, yes), a Loser fan who lost 400 pounds thanks to the show. He was literally on his deathbed at one point, he said, but when he saved himself he realized he had to lose weight. He's since lost 418 pounds (that is a lot) and, to help him lose more, he's given a free pass to the Biggest Loser resort as well as the finale.

Next week, immunity goes to whoever loses 2% of their body weight... and Melissa's politics are back. First, the scoreboards:

Andrea: 227 pounds (-5)
Ashley: 271 pounds (-5)
Daris: 237 pounds (-7)
Koli: 281 pounds (-6)
Melissa: 178 pounds (-4 from re-entry) (immunity)
Michael: 381 pounds (-8)
291 pounds (-4)
Sam: 262 pounds (-2)
Stephanie: 198 pounds (-1) (eliminated)
Sunshine: 202 pounds (-4)
Victoria: 283 pounds (-2 from re-entry) (immunity)

(Image courtesy of NBC)