'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: The Attack of the Cookie
It's been a while, hasn't it? Three weeks without The Biggest Loser, three weeks of that deadly cliffhanger with Darrell and Cheryl balancing a torch on their heads, three weeks of wanting to know who between those two were eliminated...

And that person is Darrell. He lost his balance after ten minutes, resulting in a pretty emotional goodbye between him and his daughter Andrea. Seems even Alison's "you're not the biggest loser" line, which you could take many ways, didn't help.

Now that's done with, on to the actual program.

Cookies, cookies, cookies: Alison finally splits the teams to Jillian's black team or Bob's blue team, but who goes where isn't going to be random: the person who wins the Temptation challenge grabs the opportunity to sort the teams out. Only Andrea and Michael snap up the bait. It's a memory-based challenge: find the Golden Ticket, or each a chocolate chip cookie for each wrong pick.

But it's not just the cookies, of course. Both ended up eating around four cookies as well as a slice of pie, a muffin, a PB&J sandwich... let's just say they ate a lot. Andrea was the first to find a golden ticket, but she didn't make a match, paving the way for Michael. The chance to sort out the new teams: 2310 calories.

The blues get stacked: On Jillian's black team: Andrea, Ashley, Cheryl, Sam, Sherry and Stephanie. On Bob's blue team: Daris, Koli, Lance, Miggy, Sunshine and, of course, Michael. With the blue team getting most of the men and the heavier contestants, Jillian doesn't think Michael is being fair, never mind his earlier vow. Cue, of course, heated exchange.

Michael also got flak from his new teammates. Miggy does have a point: they have to lose more weight to save themselves from elimination, while the black team has to lose less, and thus have a bigger chance of winning. Michael's retort: you don't lose enough weight for my team, you're of no use to me, and you should go.

It gets annoying considering how many calories he took to be the bad guy. With that in mind, Bob nicknamed him Cookie. I don't think it's a compliment.

Do you want to work in a post office? This week's challenge sees the teams lift a banner to the top of a very tall building... from the roof. So there's a lot of pulling involved, indeed. The winning team gets letters from home. The black team work nicely, but the blue team took an early lead, and won the challenge. Result: Sam's nice remark about them being in the ranch to lose weight rather than get letters from home. Nicely done, leader.

After meeting up with Dr. H, where they got an update on how far their weight loss is bringing them, it's the particularly hard last-minute workout. Jillian worked her team hard, seeing the odds are stacked against them. Bob isn't cutting his team some slack, too, with Miggy aiming to lose the most weight this week.

Eliminated for the greater good: O'Neal wasn't assigned a team initially--he joined the black team after their loss in the challenge--so he was given immunity. Michael broke the record Rudy set last year, for losing a hundred pounds the fastest. He got himself an extra something too: since he's the biggest loser this week, he's immune in case the vote within the blue team ends up in a tie. In other words, yes, the blue team fell below the yellow line and are facing the vote.

Well, it went nowhere. The vote boiled down to either Lance or Miggy, the two people who Koli thought should go. It was a hard decision, but they all figured they're voting to increase their team's chances of winning. In the end, Miggy was voted out, 4-2. She now clocks in at 179 pounds and is working with Nicole from the seventh season.

As for Darrell? He's now lost 120 pounds and finally fits in the jacket he wore when he first met his wife 27 years ago. Isn't that nice?

Next week on The Biggest Loser: Couples, the blacks go against the blues. After all, it looks like we found a new villain. Now, for the first time in three weeks, the scoreboard:

Andrea: 250 pounds (-5)
Ashley: 301 pounds (-10)
Cheryl: 187 pounds (-4)
Daris: 267 pounds (-7)
Koli: 316 pounds (-10)
Lance: 300 pounds (-5)
Michael: 417 pounds (-15)
Miggy: 195 pounds (-4) (eliminated)
O'Neal: 316 pounds (-9) (immunity)
Sam: 290 pounds (-8)
Sherry: 171 pounds (-6)
Stephanie: 213 pounds (-8)
Sunshine: 232 pounds (-7)

(Image courtesy of NBC)