'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Welcome to the Topsy-Turvy Ranch
Last week on The Biggest Loser, it was war, between the red team and the trainers, and later, between the red team and the green team--well, sort of, but there was still a casualty in Migdalia, who was eliminated. This week there should be a ray of sunshine, with the first two teams eliminated at the beginning of the season returning for one more shot at the ranch...

...but not before Miggy was sent to the hospital. In the middle of the night. Stomach pains, apparently, although I think it was aggravated by a very stressful last week. Alison's confident everything's going to be fine, though. She tells the remaining contestants of the situation, brings them outside, and surprises them with two limos--and those two eliminated teams. There's Cherita and Vicky, the blue team, the team that went through the dramatic cramps at the very first challenge. And then there's O'Neal and Sunshine, the yellow team, the one where the girl went, "I've never had a boyfriend in my entire life."
I was kinda rooting for the yellow team to return--it would be nice to see anyone return, but Cherita's cramps still scare me. Indeed, after their last-minute workout at the ranch, the yellow team got another slot at the ranch, and in a twist, Alison also gave that team immunity and the only vote at elimination. Still, kudos to everyone for losing such a huge amount of weight at home: the blue team lost 63 pounds, while the yellow team lost 76 pounds. (O'Neal lost 51 pounds in a month. Whoa.) O'Neal then volunteered to give his slot to Vicki, although she refused, and decided to continue their weight loss trip at home.

Bob had the chance to train Melissa, still ripe from last week's accusation hurricane. He believes she wasn't playing the game when she lost 11 pounds at the weigh-in, and tells her she's regained his respect. It was enough to move her to tears.

It's the Super Bowl this weekend, so this week's challenge is naturally football-themed: each team should hit a tackling dummy a thousand times. First to reach the 1,000-hit mark wins immunity: the last gets a two-pound penalty. Nice seeing Michael really work hard after accusations of being too lax a couple of weeks ago; he was in a groove, thanks to a 1980s-themed earworm, and won immunity easily. Sherry, representing the pink team, finished last and gave the pinks the disadvantage.

Miggy returned to the ranch after--and this is scary--surgery. She underwent an appendectomy, but they also removed a cyst and a mass. Dr. H tells her to not do anything strenuous (just walk, actually) and eat more. The bigger clunker: he told her about the extra water weight she possibly gained during the surgery. She's not happy, fearing elimination and letting her daughter down. Still, a 13-mile walk isn't bad.

Jillian later pulled Ashley away for a one-on-one talk, where the contestant talked about her father's death and how he berated her for being overweight. By last-minute workout time, everybody was getting their groove on, and Bob wondered how lopsided things have become this week.

Both the yellow team and the white team had immunity come weigh-in time, and they didn't disappoint. Michael, in fact, is getting close to breaking the record Rudy set last season--he's already lost 83 pounds in five weeks, and has to lose 17 more next week to go past that. Miggy's safe despite all the medical trouble, losing five pounds and keeping her above the yellow line. Not so lucky: John, who had to lose seven but only lost six. He dropped below the yellow line and, being the only remaining member of the black team, was quickly eliminated. So much for the "only vote" prize.

John now weighs 380 pounds and aims to hit the 200-pound region by the finale. He's also doing a lot of martial arts with his twin James--he aims to get a jiu jitsu belt by the finale, too. I so think he can.

Next week, the contestants visit the US Olympic Training Center, and two contestants get eliminated as the weigh-in goes to individual mode. Sporting theme, yes. To the scoreboards, then:

Black team: Andrea at 262 pounds (-5), Darrell at 343 pounds (-8)
Brown team: John at 421 pounds (-6) (eliminated)
Green team: Miggy at 206 pounds (-5)
Gray team: Koli at 335 pounds (-6), Sam at 310 pounds (-10)
Orange team: Cheryl at 194 pounds (-3), Daris at 283 pounds (-12)
Pink team: Ashley at 317 pounds (-11), Sherry at 180 pounds (-6)
Purple team: Stephanie at 225 pounds (-5)
Red team: Lance at 314 pounds (-4), Melissa at 198 pounds (-5)
White team: Michael at 443 pounds (-13) (immunity)
Yellow team: O'Neal at 333 pounds (-56 from first week), Sunshine at 245 pounds (-30 from first week) (immunity)

(Image courtesy of NBC)