'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.04 Recap (Page 1/2)
It's the last week on The Biggest Loser ranchbefore the couples can bring back their contestants from home. David doesn't seem to be trying as hard for Daniel, who is working really hard at the ranch. Bob Harper is extremely surprised to see Joelle in the workout room. Kristen and Helen talk to Bob outside about how disappointed and disillusioned they are that Joelle is still there. He reminds them who their real teammates are: the people back at home. Bob tells everyone to encourage Joelle and he does the same. She seems to be pushing herself a bit harder this week.

This week's temptation challenge is a tailgate party because it's Super Bowl week. Alison Sweeney informs Blaine that he gets to go home to see his wife have their baby, which is awesome. His weigh in will still count for the week. Curtis Stone is the guest chef for the week. They will be tested on their knowledge of their favorite superbowl snacks.

The winner will visit their partner at home and show them how to cook healthy meals and they'll get a two pound pass for their partner when they come back. The person who's closest to the calorie count of the food items wins. Chicken wings are first with 991 calories. Dan wins that round. A bread bowl with chili and sour cream is 1,165 calories and Kristen is closest. A seven layer dip has 1755 calories and Helen is the closest guess for the dip. Curtis teaches them all how to make the dishes healthier. They guess the calories of the healthy barbeque chicken skewers and Daniel wins with a guess closest to 230. Curtis is going to visit David and he'll get a two-pound pass when/if he returns to The Biggest Loser ranch.

Curtis surprises David at home. David admits that he doesn't cook and that he's also been to his favorite restaurant since he's been home. He obviously hasn't been eating well. Curtis takes David to the store. They cook some chicken together

Bob takes out the boxes and everyone loves it. Back with Blaine, he's in Phoenix for the birth of his forth child. He's happy his fourth kid will never know a lazy, overweight father.

Alison Sweeney introduces Kurt Warner to the crew. If you don't know who he is, he's only a two time MVP of the NFL and a Super Bowl winning quarterback. He gives an inspirational speech and Joelle claims she was touched and that she'll be bringing it. The challenge is fairly simple; the contestants must run from the baseline, to the 20 yard line, then back to the baseline, then to the 40 yard line, grab a football and then put it in someone else bin. If you get 5 footballs in, you're out. Helen and Joelle are the last two players and it's a head to head race. It's surprising more people from bBb's team didn't target Joelle for all her complaining the last couple weeks. Helen wins immunity though. She guarantees that Shannon will be coming back to the ranch.

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