'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.03 Recap (Page 1/2)
The contestants are still upset from last week's elimination challenge when they had to send Jerry home, but it's time to move on and push forward. And they get right into it...

Temptation Challenge. The team who eats the most calories wins. The winning team gets to go home for a couple days and train alone with the trainer. Joelle seems to take a lot of food. Some of the others struggle with even taking one piece. Alison Sweeny announces what each team ate. 380 calories for Mandi for a slice of pizza. Aubrey, her teammate on the Yellow, ate nothing! Filipe also ate nothing and his teammate Sione ate two pieces of pizza and a taco for 960 calories. Kristin from purple also ate nothing and Cathy followed suit by eating nothing. Damien and Nicole from the red team both ate nothing. Helen and Shannon, pink, ate nothing. Tara and Laura didn't eat anything. Black and Brown ate nothing. Joelle ate nothing but Carla ate slices of pizza, chicken nuggets and cupcakes for a total of 2710 calories. Everyone gets angry with Joelle for celebrating in front of Mandi who wanted to go home and see her kids.

Joelle admits she feels like an outsider. In one of the funniest moments of the episode, she says repeatedly “I've tried to be engaging” which just makes me laugh out loud. She's so off-putting as she says it and looks at the camera.

Bob's team has to tell him what happened. Bob and Joelle are going off to Detroit to meet up with Carla. He definitely plans on telling Carla how poorly Joelle has been doing. Carla pulls the “how would you feel” card and gets pissed at Joelle. I can tell this is going to get ugly.

It's product placement time! You wanna outsmart temptation? Grab yourself a Yoplait!

Mandi starts crying in the gym and Jillian Michaels, my second favorite therapist, takes her aside to start talking to her. Some contestants are so ‘heavy' emotionally and it's just a part of Jillian and Bob's jobs to help them through their emotional weight.

Bob's making Carla and Joelle do 30-second sprints and tons of workouts. Bob has Carla sweating like a pig on a roast. Finally, Carla tells Joelle how she's feeling. Joelle ignores Carla and it's getting under both their skins. Bob sits back and lets it happen. Carla evidently lost 9 pounds last week so she's sort of winning the conversation since Joelle only lost 2 pounds at the last weigh in. Finally, Carla grabs a heavy weight and Bob has to stop her before she hurts herself. Then he tells them that they both need to let it go and trust each other.

Bob takes a break to call his team. Everyone's really excited to here his voice. He calls out Kristin to make sure she'll be working hard.

Back to the silver team. Carla tries to tell Joelle to work hard again. Joelle ignores her and just said “sounds good.” Then, Carla finally says that she was the one that should have stayed and she starts to cry. Joelle rolls her eyes. Bob demands a response from Joelle and all she says is, “Carla, I have visions for the both of us, to come forth and push.” Bob ends the conversation.

Blaine sees the doctor and he pulls out all his medications. The doctor puts all Blaine's medication away and saves him $733,000 for his life. Blaine's only 28 and these workouts are doing wonders for him. Ron sees his doctor and goes from 10 pills to 1 pill. A years worth of pills for Ron is over $20,000. He's overjoyed to see his pills get thrown away.

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