'The Biggest Loser' Focuses on Healing
'The Biggest Loser' Focuses on Healing
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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This week, The Biggest Loser has workouts with themes. Or, at least the Red team does, because that's what Justin decided. Because Alison made both teams pick captains, and then gave the captains an amount of power that feels totally OK when wielded by Marci and totally not OK when wielded by Justin. The Black team chose Marci to make all their major decisions for the week. This involves Marci making rational decisions and giving logical advice. The Red team chose Justin, because for whatever reason they think that he's a good leader. FYI? He's not. He has a penchant for giving confusing pep talks and making people feel bad about their weight loss just because he feels like it. At this point, I feel kind of bad for the Red team, following Justin around like puppies while he shouts random slogans that involve this week's theme of "healing!" It's going to be a long week, guys.

Executive Decisions

The first task each team leader was assigned was to pick one contestant to cook for the whole team for the week. Marci chooses Olivia, because she has faith in Olivia's knowledge of nutrition. This goes over well with everyone. Next, Marci has to pick two (and only two!) people who get to work out with Bob and Jillian that day. Marci picks Sarah and Hannah. This does not go over well with everyone, namely Hannah, who refuses to see this as anything other than a slap in the face and gets pouty about it. Marci explains to her that she feels that Hannah has already gone through some of the issues that Sarah is currently facing, so she will be a good support system for Sarah. Hannah basically refuses to listen in lieu of more pouting. Ugh.

Watch the special, deleted pop challenge scene here!

Working Out Some Issues

Bob and Jillian are upset to see only two people show up to the work-out, but then nod sagely when they hear the plan. "Absolutely the right people are here," they say, and then Hannah gets extra pouty and they have to go out of their way reassuring her that Marci's reasons for picking her are legitimate. Bob takes Sarah and Jillian takes Hannah and they go get their sweat on.

Bob and Sarah chat about the (really horrific) car accident she was in three years ago. She broke her pelvis in four places and was told she could never walk again. Thus, walking alone was seen as a huge achievement for her and she basically stopped there. Bob tells her that she needs to get over her anxiety, and that she is the only one standing in her own way. Then Sarah pukes and Bob seems delighted.  How healthy!

Meanwhile, Brett and Cara have a really symbolic and original workout planned: They're going to make their contestants do their workout from Day 1 at Fitness Ridge, while carrying the weight they've lost in backpacks on their backs. YOU GUYS, THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE ON THE BIGGEST LOSER BEFORE EVER.

Too bad for Cara and Brett's awesome workout, because only Ken and Kaylee are allowed to do it. Kaylee? What? Apparently, in going along with this week's theme of "healing," Justin decided to send Kaylee to work out with the trainers, rather than someone who needs it more. Like, say, her dad Moses. Brett shouts things like, "THAT'S YOUR PAST. YOU HAVE TO DRAG IT INTO YOUR FUTURE," while she drags her 54-pound backpack around.

Ken emotes about the stress he feels at home, and Cara sagely advises him to include his wife in his weight-loss journey so she doesn't feel left out. Brett tells Kaylee that she needs to believe in herself, that she needs to define who she is a person, and that she needs to find out what is really wrong, otherwise she will gain all her weight back. Good stuff, guys.

While Marci takes the rest of the team out for a run, Jillian perches on the treadmill next to Hannah and tries to quash all her negative thoughts about being perceived as weak by her team. Am I the only one getting tired of Hannah's attitude?

Cooking Up A Storm

Marci presents Olivia with an apron. Olivia runs around fetching lemon for people's water, guacamole for their crackers, and hummus for their sandwiches. She obsessively chops fruit and I feel kind of bad for her. She doesn't have a ton of time to go work out with everyone else because she spends all day cooking food. a) Cooking food for seven people does take a while, but, in all fairness, does it really take ALL DAY? b) I love how, in desperate attempts to keep the show interesting, The Biggest Loser consistently screws over randomly contestants for absolutely no reason. It's  not like everyone is going to take a turn cooking and missing out on workout time. Just Olivia. Unfair.

To even things out, Olivia makes the girls set up a spin bike next to the kitchen so she can work out while she cooks? Good idea...in theory.

Justin picked Ken to cook for the week. He makes healthy food, but what he really pushes on the guys is portion control, because he's noticed that his team tends to eat healthily, but to really load up on huge amounts of food. Good job, Ken! After his rough week at home, it's good to see him excelling in the kitchen, but he, too, is having a hard time finding time to work out.

Brett swoops in really quickly to accuse Moses of not thinking about himself enough, makes Kaylee cry and tell him that she wants him to lose weight for himself only, and then informs Moses that he can't always take care of other people. Then he swoops out and leaves Kaylee and Moses crying in his wake. Good talk, guys.


This week's challenge involves mud, weird rubber saucer-type-things, and a really bad decision on Marci's part.

Alison explains to the contestants that there is going to be an obstacle course set up in a pit of mud. Each team will start out with three contestants, and they will have to kneel on the rubber saucers, and pass a fourth saucer up the line in order to slowly advance through the mud. Once they have advanced thirty feet, they will pick up another teammate and saucer, and when they have advanced fifty feet, they will pick up another teammate and saucer. The first team to the end wins, but if anyone's foot touches the ground they have to go back and try again. So, basically, it's The Biggest Loser's version of that hot lava game you played as a kid.

Marci has to sit out one player, and for some strange reason keeps Sarah and sits out Courtney. Courtney and the rest of the team are surprised.

Red gets to the 30-foot mark first. Pulling the saucers out of the mud takes brute strength, which Rulon has and Sarah does not. Red has a pretty indisputable lead, but then Moses lets his foot hit the mud and they have to go back. Black has a chance to redeem themselves. However, Red creeps up from behind very quickly.  The two teams are neck-in-neck at the finished, when Ken's foot slips into the mud. Red has to go back again, and as a result Black wins the challenge and a cool $6,000.

Last Chance Workouts

The Last Chance Workouts involve Cara pushing Ken, Moses, and Justin down onto gym mats, yelling at them to get up, and then pushing them down again. This is supposed to be helpful to them somehow. Also, she and Justin push each other around and it looks like they're going to make out, which is a scary thought. Especially because they're screaming in each other's faces about healing and fighting and things like that.

Meanwhile, Bob and Jillian have people doing stations. No one is making out or pushing people. I like that about Bob and Jillian.

Jillian also spends some quality time doing some "healing" with Irene. Watch the video here:


The Red team leads the weigh-in. Justin, Rulon, and Moses each lose 8 pounds. Kaylee loses a solid 5 and attributes it all to Brett helping her attack her emotional issues. Austin loses 6, and Ken loses 9. The Red team loses 44 pounds and 2.61%, meaning that the Black team has to lose 35 pounds to win. Marci is confident that they can do it.

Marci starts the team off strong with 5 pounds. This lady rocks! Is there no stopping her?

Courtney also loses 5. She has 6 pounds left before she hits 200 total pounds lost./Irene loses 5, but then Sarah only loses 4. She's a little bummed, but everyone is still hopeful until Olivia only loses 2. And then Hannah only loses 2. And then they can only win if Jen loses 12 pounds, but instead she loses 1.

The Black team loses, and they have to face sending one of their tight-knit group away. Everyone cries, and even I honestly don't want to think about it too hard.


Marci is safe from elimination because she is this week's Biggest Loser. This elimination is going to be difficult. I don't want to watch, but I know I have to.

Marci is first, and she votes for Olivia because she thinks she has the skills and determination to succeed at home. To be honest, those are pretty good reasons, and I think Marci chose as well as she could have, considering how tough this elimination is on anyone.

Hannah votes for Sarah, which isn't actually that surprising.  What is surprising to me is when Jen and then Courtney also vote for Sarah. I guess she wasn't an original member of their team, and they're going off loyalty? Who knows.

Sarah herself chooses Jen, because she thinks Jen has what it takes to make it back to them at the finale./Olivia votes for Sarah, too, and Sarah is eliminated.

This is kind of a shame, because Sarah just had a workout breakthrough this week. She gained a lot of confidence, and it hurts to see it undermined in sending her home.

Watch the elimination here:

At-Home Results

But, never fear!  Since being home, Sarah has lose 92 pounds and she look amazing. Her husband appears to have lost a little, too. She rock climbs and generally looks skinny, skinny, skinny. I'm so excited to see her at the finale!

Watch a sneak preview of next week's episode here:

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