'The Big Bang Theory' Best Tweets: 'The Rhinitis Revelation'
'The Big Bang Theory' Best Tweets: 'The Rhinitis Revelation'
It always seems to rain on Thursdays. Perhaps it's just Mother Nature's way of telling me there is something to life other than television and that maybe I should spend a little less time in front of it. This week, I volunteered to lend my tweet gathering skills to the all new episode of one of favorite Thursday night shows, Big Bang Theory. It wasn't looking good. My cable has been in and out all day and my internet hasn't been faring a whole lot better. I was nervous. As the minutes ticked away though and the hour drew closer, something miraculous happened. The rain stopped, my television stopped taunting me with its evil "no signal" message and "The Rhinitis Revelation" began. For my patience, I was rewarded with a truly hilarious episode and some great tweets. Here are ten of the best.

Anthony_McLeod gets the ball rolling (and the BBT theme song stuck in everyone's head) tweeting: "Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait... #bigbangtheory"

DrMathochist tweets what I'm sure a lot of people were thinking over the course of this episode. "I love Laurie Metcalf. That is all."

kysan007 counters DrMathochist, tweeting "Sheldon from #bigbangtheory. That is all."

crazyKansasgirl sings the praises of Thursdays, tweeting, "I love coming home on Thursdays knowing that I don't have class again until Tuesday and I have a new Big Bang Theory on my DVR."

travelbrizzle lets the Emmy's know what he thinks, tweeting "Keeps proving why Jim Parsons won an emmy for best actor and why they got robbed for best comedy series."

sandiek gets a spot because I have totally done this before, admitting "missed Big Bang Theory again because I thought yesterday was Thursday."

KaleyCuoco insists she isn't biased and who am I to argue when she tweets "New Big Bang Theory TONIGHT. It's very very very very very funny. I might be biased but it's really very funny."

taeinfinity definitely gets my sympathy, tweeting "Fell asleep and missed the new episode of Big Bang Theory... Hate my life."

mdusing poses a question millions of loyal BBT fans could answer, asking "Big Bang Theory is funny. Who knew?"

For_Audrey sums it all up, stating "Tonight's Big Bang Theory was hilarious!! Love Laurie Metcalf!"

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