'Roseanne' Reunion on 'The Big Bang Theory'
'Roseanne' Reunion on 'The Big Bang Theory'
Among the new programs slated to begin this fall is the quirky comedy called The Big Bang Theory.  The show, which is scheduled to premiere on CBS come September 24, is the latest offering from writer/producer/director Chuck Lorre.

The Big Bang Theory revolves around two science nerds who know everything imaginable in the world of physics but are completely lost when it comes to romance, dating and women.  The show is the newest brainchild from Lorre, who is responsible for two of television's most recent hit comedy series.  The man behind Dharma and Greg and Two and a Half Men recently spoke to Forbes about his continuing success in television.  He also delved into the history of how he came up with The Big Bang Theory and why audiences are likely to embrace it.

“Well, this series really began with conversations I had with [co-executive producer] Bill Prady about his life as a computer programmer before he got into television,” Lorre told Forbes.com.  “We talked a lot about the people that he worked with, who had extraordinary ability intellectually and mentally, but had difficulty working in the world that we all know.  Their world is not one I know, but that idea of feeling like you're on the outside looking in is certainly universal.  It's that feeling that everybody got a book on how to live this life, and they failed to give you a copy.  These guys, especially Johnny Galecki's character, feel it deeply; they want to be part of everything but they can't.  They're distanced from it - and I think you can care for them because we all feel that way.  I know I do.”

Aside from Lorre's Midas touch, The Big Bang Theory's maiden season will also showcase the reunion of two stalwarts from Roseanne, a highly successful sitcom from the late `80s to the late `90s.

Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene Conner on Roseanne, will appear in several episodes of The Big Bang Theory, as a fellow physicist and romantic interest for one of the series leads, Johnny Galecki.  As another Roseanne alum, Galecki portrayed David Healy, who was Darlene's on and off boyfriend on Roseanne, until they eventually married in the series' penultimate season conclusion.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Forbes, Hollywood Reporter
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