The Winners and Losers of 'The Bachelorette' Week 6
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Now that Ali has trimmed down her pool of suitors to seven on The Bachelorette, it's getting more and more difficult to decide which ones are right for her, which ones aren't and most especially which ones are there for the wrong reasons. But predicting the winners and losers of tonight's episode, however, proves to be quite easy and predictable.

The Winners


Frank gets his second one-on-one date six weeks after his first date with Ali and that much-needed opportunity seems to redeem himself in Ali's eyes. He's been "nonexistent" to her for quite some time now but he proves that the old quirky Frank is back and ready to sweep Ali off her feet, at least for now. Because even Ali knows that Frank's got his share of red flags and I'm pretty sure will be learning more about them in the coming episodes.


I must admit that I'm still not seeing it when it comes to Ty. He looks sweet and genuinely nice but I'm not sure he's the kind of guy Ali will go for. But apparently, I'm wrong because Ali just loves how she feels whenever she's around him and that one-on-one date confirms just that. Although he's probably just lucky he went on a date with Ali right after she learned about Justin's lies because nothing can bring her down after that.

Jessie the Rat

Jessie has no business with the men on The Bachelorette, much less with Ali's love life but she's managed to wiggle her way onto tonight's episode by acting as the link between Justin's girlfriend back home in Toronto and Ali. In fact, if Chris Harrison hadn't reminded me about Jessie, I wouldn't remember the long forgotten Bachelor contestant who warned Jake Pavelka about Vienna Girardi and who ratted out Rozlyn Papa in the Women Tell All special. No one really likes a rat but her presence on tonight's episode definitely strikes a chord. It also reminds us that she's also appearing on Bachelor Pad this August.

The Losers


Obviously, Justin falls under the losers of the night and it's not just because he lied to Ali and cheated on several women. For someone who can put up a pretty big front, he fails to come up with a good retort for his actions and leaves (surprisingly quickly considering his broken ankle) like a coward. He does provide some laughs, though, when he tells Ali that he wants to give her rose back, which Ali doesn't want.

Craig R.

Craig finally wins some one-on-one time with Ali after winning an olive oil wrestling challenge but unfortunately, their time alone only confirms Ali's notion that he's not the right guy for her and she's never been more sure. In fact, she postpones the cocktail party and goes straight to the Rose Ceremony to send him home. I can't say I'm surprised though.  There's no chemistry between them whatsoever and he still doesn't do anything in spite of being aware that he needs to step up his game.

So who do you think are the winners and losers of tonight's episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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