'The Bachelorette' Season 13 Premiere Photos: 31 Men and a Dummy Sweep Rachel Lindsay off Her Feet
'The Bachelorette' Season 13 Premiere Photos: 31 Men and a Dummy Sweep Rachel Lindsay off Her Feet
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Bachelorette season 13 premiere is almost here, and 31 men are ready to show star Rachel Lindsay that they are the men of her dreams. You know, if Rachel's dreams included sand castles, penguins and a ventriloquist dummy.

Yes, once again the suitors of The Bachelorette have outdone themselves in creating cheesy, insane and occasionally memorable ways of introducing themselves to Rachel. Photos from the big night make that all too clear.

Overall the suitors are a pleasant-looking lot, as big and beefy as any standard group of men vying for the heart of a Bachelorette. They do -- in keeping with the racial-diversity themes needed for a season with the first African-American star -- show a little more variety when it comes to appearance, but there is still a definite "hotness" theme going on.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-05.jpgJudging by her smiles throughout the night, Rachel is quite pleased with her stable of eligible men.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-01.jpgMany of those men seem to be charming gentlemen, greeting their new girlfriend with smiles, hugs and rugged charm.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-group.jpgWhile it is hard to pick out a winner from this group, you do have to give points to the one guy who is clearly going for Clark Kent in his appearance.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-06-robert.jpgABC insists that this is someone named Robert, but of course Superman would be hiding his identity this early in the competition.

And then there's this dummy.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-18.jpgYes, one of the suitors, Adam, thought it would be a smart idea to bring a ventriloquist's dummy along for the night. This is clearly a man who has never, ever seen a horror movie. The dummy, by the way, seems to have lasted through the cocktail party.

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Moving on from this mild nightmare, there is one fellow, Lucas, who is clearly an introvert.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-41-lucas.jpgLucas even arrived with a bullhorn, something he used repeatedly throughout the night. That bit of noise-making, combined with Lucas' choice of a t-shirt for formal attire, makes it clear that this is the sort of man who will be noticed.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-07.jpgCan this brashness impress Rachel though?

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-20-lucas.jpgIf brash doesn't work, how about brass? Suitor Blake (that would be Blake E., to be precise -- there are two Blakes this season) brought along an entire brass band for his introduction. A girl does like a man in uniform ...

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-21-blake-e.jpgSpeaking of uniforms, Bryce wore one when he arrived to sweep Lindsay off her feet.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-45-bryce.jpgHe literally swept. Then he swept the girl off her feet.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-46-bryce.jpgIf you are going for a metaphorical entrance, this one might win -- I mean, it's a double metaphor! Rachel seems to have gone for the sweeping as well, based on the warm embrace captured later in the evening.

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One of the odder entrances of the night came from Brady, a guy who arrived carrying a sledgehammer and a block of ice.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-10-brady.jpgThis may have been a literal way to "break the ice." Whatever it was, Rachel seemed to be having a lot of fun in the process.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-duo.jpgFun is good. Less fun was had from Alex, who seemed to arrive with a small vacuum cleaner. That might be a metaphor for ... something?

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-15-alex.jpgLess metaphorical but more standard is Lee, the requisite guy with a guitar.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-31-lee.jpgThere was an ambulance too. The photos did not reveal whom exactly was introduced in that dramatic fashion.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-30.jpgOne suitor, Dean, did not seem to have a particularly remarkable entrance, but he did have a bit of childish fun with Rachel later on in the evening.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-29-dean.jpgSandcastles! Not a standard route to a grown woman's heart, but it might just do the trick on The Bachelorette.

Last but not least, there was a penguin. Not an actual penguin, which would have been an awesome addition to The Bachelorette (who doesn't like penguins?), but a man in a penguin suit. We are not talking about a tuxedo here.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-49-matthew.jpgMatthew seems to have been inspired by The Bachelor's dolphin shark costume. Whatever the case, the silliness did lead to a feeding later in the evening.

the-bachelorette-premiere-rachel-lindsay-abc-32-matthew.jpgBut did it lead to a rose? Did any of these shenanigans manage to win over Rachel's heart or were some of the more serious suitors the ones chosen to receive her affection?

The answers will be revealed when The Bachelorette season 13 premieres on Monday, May 22 at 9/8c on ABC. Want more news? Like our Bachelorette Facebook page! 

(Images courtesy of ABC)