The Bachelorette: Rivals, Drama and Nudity
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Last night's episode of The Bachelorette gave us a glimpse of what sort of drama lies ahead with the fifth season's colorful mix of suitors. If you missed it, you can read Meghan Carlson's recap. Basically, there were two group dates, and one individual date, and getting a rose on the dates would mean moving out of the Bachelor Barracks and into Jillian's luxurious mansion. It was fun to see the remaining 20 men racing for Jillian's heart because as the competition narrows down, the drama heats up. There were so many highlights in this episode but for me Brian, Wes, Jake, David and Juan definitely stole the spotlight.


Like every bachelor on the show, Brian wanted to do something that would distinguish him from the rest of the guys. And since Jillian likes to have fun, he thought of a way to be bold and daring. "I want Jillian to see me as a versatile person. There are a lot of layers to uncover," he said, as he started removing his clothes, getting naked, and then diving in the pool. Unfortunately, stripping in front a girl you just met (as well as 19 men) was like crossing a line of decency. It was so obvious that Jillian felt so uncomfortable and I guess that helped her decision in sending him home.


Wes' moves so far have been smooth but there was something about him in this episode that made me, as well as the other contestants, question his motives. I also didn't like that fact that he tried to steal Jillian away from Robert when he already had some alone time with her. Maybe Wes is really on The Bachelorette to fuel his music career?

David and Juan

In the basketball challenge, the Globetrotters chose David as the guy they think is best for Jillian. Unfortunately, David proved to be a total jerk after he made some weird accusation about Juan "pouring his shot out and covering it with his hand." While Juan was spending some alone time with Jillian, David made things worse by telling the rest of the group that Juan should be tied "to a tree and beat the *#&$ out of him." Because of this, Juan received the most number of votes from the guys but it was a good thing Jillian saved him from elimination by giving him a rose.


Not everything about the episode was shrouded in drama. For me, the best part was Jillian picking Jake for the solo date in which she took him a private dinner and concert at the House of Blues where they were serenaded by Martina McBride. Jake and Jillian appeared to have a lot of fun together as they danced the night away and they seemed to really hit off.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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