'The Bachelorette 5' Recap: Episode 3 (Page 1/3)
'The Bachelorette 5' Recap: Episode 3 (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last time on The Bachelorette: Jillian spent one-on-one time with rose-receiving Wes and Jake, saved Juan from the other guys' wrath, and sent home Brian, Mathue, Simon, and Julien.

Tonight: A Western-movie group date, a flying-high trip with Ed, a speedy date with Sasha, and things between volatile David and sneaky Juan heat up even more.

Chris greets the dudes in the bunkhouse and tells them there will be two individual dates and a group date this week, and reminds them that roses equal safety, and individual dates that don't get an immediate rose go home... immediately.

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The first date goes to Ed, and "Ed: Love can be dangerous." Ed is excited for his one-on-one time, but he's a bit scared that he'll be sent packing. He heads out on his date, and meets Jillian by a helicopter. She says she's attracted to him, and is excited to spend intimate time together. They hold hands and get in the helicopter, and get amazing views (and a little touchy-feely). Jillian calls Ed "big, stronger, and hunky." I've got to agree--he's a good-looking guy. They have great chemistry in the helicopter, and they land on the top of a building in downtown LA, and Jillian tells him there's only one way down: repelling. Ed is a bit concerned about his lack of experience, but he seems excited.

Back at the bunk, the other guys try to guess whether Ed is "dangerous" enough to get a rose on whatever the date might be. Reid says he's a definite threat.

A huge crew is there to make sure Jillian and Ed get down safe and sound, and they calm down pretty quickly as they are gradually lowered down a zip line to a pool. They dive in together and get even touchier and feelier in the water. And kissier. Jillian says Ed is sexy and makes her feel comfortable, and she's got a "major crush" on him. Ed and Jill then get a romantic one-on-one dinner on top of a hotel, and they get to know each other. Jillian grills Ed about what he does for fun, and he admits that he has a hard time balancing work and play. She worries that he might not be able to commit enough time to her, but he also says he wants to be financially stable and secure for his future family, which I admire. They end up kissing some more, and Jillian loses her thoughts in the moment.

A card comes to the bunkhouse, and Reid, Wes, Mike, Michael, Tanner F., Mark, Brad, Robby, Tanner P., Kiptyn, and Juan are told to show her "The good, the bad, and the ugly." Eleven are, and four aren't going on the group date, and David is happy he's not going up against ten other guys, but so-far-dateless Robby and Reid are excited to get out there.

Ed admits that he's pretty guarded at first, but he's working on opening up. He asks her if he's going to get a rose tonight, and she picks it up and tells him that from the moment she met him she had a great opinion of him, and still does. She pins the rose on him. The other guys watch anxiously as crew move Ed's belonging into the mansion. Brad worries that Jillian keeps giving roses to the one-on-one dates, and might not have the heart to break it off with people.

It's time for the group date, and the guys get into the limo and head to a live movie set of an old West town. They're going to the actors, so the guys head off to wardrobe, and Jillian says she wants to see who is a good sport about it. Tanner P. ends up in a goofy looking leopard print vest and chaps Flintstones suit, and he's not happy about it. They get their scripts, and realize that a lot of them get kisses from Jillian... while others (Michael and Mike) have a gay scene together. (Brokeback rip-off alert!)

The scenes start rolling, and (of course) the acting is terrible, and it's all just an elaborate excuse for twice-removed on-camera acting and kissing. Brad and Jill kiss, and Brad calls himself an "ultra badass," which... IS. SO. WRONG. He's like a dead fish (my words) "kissing his sister," says Tanner P. Then Reid gets the next kiss, but we don't see too much of it. Mark gets the next one, and then Juan, then Kiptyn, and the rest of the guys keep getting jealous of each other.

(Anachronism alert!) Jillian wears huge dangley earrings with all her old timey western dresses. It's a funny and minor warbrobe issue, but it could be so easily fixed that it irritates me. 

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