The Bachelorette 4: Episode 1 Recap
On tonight’s season premiere of The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas met 25 eligible men who came from all over the country just to meet her. First, she addressed her past, when she had her heart broken by season 11 Bachelor, Brad Womack. She put her past behind her once and for all when she showed up to meet the men and find the one who will be her soulmate. One by one, the men got out of the limo and tried their best to make a good first impression. With roses on the line and new twists this season, there was a lot to be nervous about!

DeAnna decided that she couldn’t eliminate 10 men in one night all by herself. She brought her fellow bachelorette from season 11 of The Bachelor, and friend, Jenni Croft to help narrow down the playing field. Jesse chose to wear jeans and a loud jacket, to show that he’s not your cookie cutter kind of guy. Ron openly admitted to DeAnna that he had been married before while Jason chose to hold off on telling her that he is a single dad. Eric shared his Greek heritage with DeAnna and even spoke to her in their native language. Robert took some time off from the party to prepare DeAnna a special meal while Luke, an oyster farmer, presented her with a pearl necklace.

Things got weird as the night went on and the men stopped at nothing to get DeAnna’s attention. Sean, a martial arts expert, kicked a lemon off of Jesse’s head. Chandler showed off his duck call while Paul jumped into a pool and emerged wearing only a tiny bathing suit with DeAnna’s name printed across the back.

DeAnna handed one first impression rose to Jeremy and, after talking things over with Jenni, gave the other two to Jesse and Richard. At the rose ceremony, she asked Ron, Graham, Eric, Robert, Sean, Ryan, Chris, Paul, Fred, Twilley, Jason, and Brian (Texas) to stay and get to know her better.  10 men went home and most took it well, with the exception of Chandler and Greg. Chandler had a hard time handling rejection and almost broke down in tears outside. Greg took a different approach, ripping off his shirt and howling at the moon.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)