'The Bachelor' Week 7 Preview: Hometown Dates Before Sean Tells All
'The Bachelor' Week 7 Preview: Hometown Dates Before Sean Tells All
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This week we get yet another double dose of The Bachelor as Sean Lowe gets hometown dates with his final four women tonight and then talks about the women and the drama, including tonight's controversial exit, in Tuesday's episode.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight's episode.

AshLee's Hometown Date

Sean heads to Houston to enjoy a romantic picnic with AshLee, as well as meet her family. Sean isn't sure if he'll be able to gain AshLee's dad's trust knowing that his bond with his daughter is so strong but their conversation becomes very emotional especially for AshLee's dad.

Lindsay's Hometown Date

Sean's date with Lindsay turns into a series of training drills in preparation to meet Lindsay's father, who is a two-star general who runs an army base in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. During their date, Sean struggles to resist laughing as Lindsay jokingly scolds at him. 

Catherine's Hometown Date

Sean's date with Catherine in Seattle involves catching fish, literally. While he seems to win over her grandmother for offering a traditional greeting from her Asian culture, he still has a lot of convincing to do especially when it comes to Catherine's mother and sister. 

Desiree's Hometown Date

Though it's interesting to see Sean meet the families of Catherine, Lindsay and AshLee, it sounds like Desiree's hometown date will be the highlight of the evening.  Sherman Oaks, California provides the setting for Sean and Desiree's date which consists of hiking and cooking. Everything appears to be going well until Desiree's ex shows up uninvited. This leads to a very awkward conversation between Desiree, her ex and Sean, whose fists are noticeably clenched in this video. In case you couldn't watch the promo, here's how the conversation went down:

Ex: Des, I love you, OK? 
Sean: Whoa. 
Ex: I've been texting, calling, where they hell have you been? 
Des: "I've been busy. 
Ex: We're together for two years and all of a sudden, just nothing? I love you more than anything. 
Sean: I'm thinking, 'Maybe I just need to leave.' 
Ex: You're going to be with this actor? This isn't real. 
Sean: First of all, I'm standing right here. You want to talk to me, talk to me ... [To Des]: Do you want to talk to him? [To Ex]: Then leave please. 
Ex: Can you give us a minute? 
Sean: Don't put your hands on me ... 

But the arrival of Desiree's ex is just one of the many highlights of the week. Her brother confronts Sean and thinks that he's just a playboy who's not into his sister. Sean explains that he's crazy about her but he's not buying it. 

As Sean's final four women head into the Rose Ceremony, one girl makes an unexpected exit. As expected, this will be one of Sean's controversial topics during his Tell All episode on Tuesday night. Sean will also reveal his thoughts on this season's villain, Tierra, and his feelings about his final three women while never-before-seen footage will also be unveiled.

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