'The Bachelor' Week 3 Preview: A Potential Record-Breaking Kiss, A Bad Tumble and More
'The Bachelor' Week 3 Preview: A Potential Record-Breaking Kiss, A Bad Tumble and More
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Ready for more Bachelor drama? Sixteen women return tonight on The Bachelor but only 13 will move on to compete for Sean Lowe's heart. But the rose ceremony isn't the only highlight of the evening. Fans can also expect the two-hour episode to be packed with bombshell revelations and shocking twists. 

Warning: This article may contain spoilers!

A Potential Record-Breaking Kiss

Lesley gets her first one-on-one date with Sean, who unexpectedly pushes for romance early on the date in attempt to break the Guinness World Records for longest on-screen kiss. Will they beat the current record of three minutes and 15 seconds? Check out the photos below for a sneak peek!

A Game of Beach Volleyball

For this week's group date, Sean takes some of the girls to the beach, where they are divided in teams for a competitive game of beach volleyball. The winning group spends the night with Sean but the fun stops when one bachelorette tries use her time with Sean by talking about two other women. Ultimately, Sean questions this bachelorette and sees a another crazy  side of her. 

A Bad Fall

Tragedy strikes in the Bachelor mansion as Tierra takes a tumble down the stairs just before Ashlee is about to go on her one-on-one date with Sean. While the press release didn't say whether she was pushed or if it's just an accident, other women in the house become suspicious that it could be Tierra's plot to get Sean's attention, especially when she doesn't want to seek medical help.  Ashlee, on the other hand, is upset that her date is delayed. 

Another Park and Concert Date

Just when Ashlee thinks she finally has her time with Sean, she ends up sharing it with two young women from the Starlight Foundation's Starbright World program who suffer from a chronic illness. They all enjoy their time at Six Flags Magic Mountain but Sean has another trick up his sleeve for Ashlee: A surprise private concert by Eli Young Band.

A Dramatic Cocktail Party

By the end of the night, one woman tries to save his relationship with Sean while another woman attempts to spend more time with him. But Sean also provides his share of drama. Not only does he make one bachelorette cry, he also stirs up controversy by dropping a bombshell just before the rose ceremony.

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