Reality Steve Reveals: The Next 'Bachelorette' Is...
Reality Steve Reveals: The Next 'Bachelorette' Is...
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Haven't read this season's gossip on whom Bachelor Brad Womack chooses in the end, and don't want to be spoiled? Then stop reading now! Read this instead!

Yesterday, he told us who it's not. Today, Reality Steve reveals (according to his anonymous sources) who the next Bachelorette is ...

Ashley Hebert!

1256e7b5be8ebfbbc7e448c1320176d0.jpgAfter Emily Maynard turned them down, Steve says ABC turned to the 26-year-old dental student from Madawaska, ME, who is rumored to be Brad's second-runner-up this season. You can watch Steve's video announcement of his scoop here, but here's the overview of what he's revealed:

  • Ashley's last name is pronounces Ay-bear, a la francaise. Good to know, since we'll be saying a lot starting this May.
  • He can totally see her as "Jillian 2.0": Short, spunky, no problem drinking and hooking up. Yep. I can totally see that as well. She's much more in line with previous Bachelorettes than Emily would have been.
  • She starts filming within the next three weeks.
The Women Tell All tapes tomorrow, but Ashley is still on the show, and he's not sure how the spoiler will play into the WTA taping.

And speaking of the Women Tell All: It is scheduled to air March 7. Rumor has is that the Bachelorette announcement will come after Brad's After the Final Rose special airs on March 14. But that is by no means official, and ABC could opt to bump back their announcement.

Remember, it's not official until ABC says so, but Steve is rarely wrong. That said: What do you think of Ashley H. as Bachelorette #7?

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