'Bachelorette' Bonus Videos: Jef 'Wusses Out' When He Wants to Kiss Emily
'Bachelorette' Bonus Videos: Jef 'Wusses Out' When He Wants to Kiss Emily
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week on The Bachelorette, definite front-runners emerged, while others may have received roses, but still fell further from the pack (*coughRYANcough*).

One of those frontrunners is one-F Jef, who has yet to get much private time with Emily, but still got the group date rose on this week's cutthroat sailing date. Here's what Emily said about why she gave the rose to Jef in her People.com blog:

"Speaking of kissing, as Jef and I were walking down to the beach, I was thinking, "What a perfect place for us to have our first kiss!" Clearly he wasn't thinking the same thing! Everything else with Jef and me came so easily, so I couldn't figure out why he still hadn't tried to kiss me. I hoped giving him one more group date rose would let him know that I had a huge crush on him and that he better make a move soon."

In this week's Bachelorette deleted scene, we see that later that week at the cocktail party, Jef had ANOTHER chance to make a move, but -- as he puts it -- he "wussed out." There's no denying that these two have a natural connection though. Just watch their low-key, relaxed conversation on the beach. PLUS: A Bachelorette Uncensored clip depicted some of the guys' special, err, talents.

Deleted Scene: No Kiss? Talk of socks and kids doesn't lead to the kiss that Jef and Emily were both hoping for.

The Bachelorette Uncensored: Mad Skills. Chewbacca noises, crazy toes and more hidden talents of the men of The Bachelorette.

Good news, Jef and Emily fans (Jemily? Jefily?) -- your boy is getting his first one-on-one date next week!

From ABC's press release about next week's episode in London: "Attempting to put the situation behind her, Emily tries to teach Jef the proper English way to have afternoon tea, but when the etiquette class becomes too much, they run to a local pub and then to the London Eye - one of the city's iconic landmarks and symbol of modern Britain. Will Jef finally make his move and kiss Emily, or will he fail to seize the moment?" He better!

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