'Bachelor Pad' Deleted Scenes: A Girl Can Only Do So Much
'Bachelor Pad' Deleted Scenes: A Girl Can Only Do So Much
Who could have guessed that Chris Bukowski, the guy who started an immature fight with his fellow Bachelorette contestants when they accused him of being immature, and who yelled "I TOLD YOU I LOVED YOU!" when Emily eliminated him, might not be the nicest, most respectful guy in the Bachelor Pad?

Alright, maybe there were warning signs. But in an interview with TV Guide this week, host Chris Harrison says it -- his image, and his situation -- is only going to get worse for Chris Bukowski. "His arrogance really is astounding," the other Chris says. "Even if you think you know what's coming, the audacity is stunning in a sad way for him."

At least sad Jamie seems to be sort of catching on to Chris's mind games. Check out two deleted scenes from Monday's Bachelor Pad episode:

Clip #1: Show Him Who's Boss

Jamie has done everything but literally throw herself at Chris Bukowski. I'd watch her do that. Or at the very least, lock herself in a room with him and demand a hookup. I didn't think even a rejection in there would stop her. But is she finally starting to wise up in this deleted scene? After rejecting her advances with the "It's not you, it's me" line, Chris comes back around and tries to sweet talk Jamie by saying that he's attracted to her, that he's sorry, and that after they leave Bachelor Pad "maybe's there's something there." Of course, we know he's lying through his teeth. Although she wants to fall in love on television -- how romantic! -- Jamie isn't putting up with Chris's games. At least in this minute:

Clip #2: Can't Blame A Guy for Trying

Rachel wasn't going to give the rose to anyone other than Michael, but I have to hand it to Tony for at least pleading his case. He's obviously talking against Michael, who already won the game, the money and is only there to find love. But unless Michael dumped Rachel randomly, that was Michael's rose since she won the competition.

Soap, Not Ice Cream

Michael has been blogging for Parade.com, but I've searched that site everywhere and can't find this week's post. Thankfully, The Bachelor website has a shorter version of it, and in it, I found it interesting to learn that the ice cream in the sundae obstacle course was actually soap!

It didn't surprise me however, because it definitely looked soapy. Michael says the medics were called because everyone was choking on soap. Whose brilliant idea was that? Didn't they realize everyone would be inhaling soap, which is inedible?! Good thing that no one was seriously injured. At least, physically.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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