[Video] 'The Twins: Happily Ever After' Preview: Emily and Haley Ferguson Double Date with a 'Bachelor' Couple
[Video] 'The Twins: Happily Ever After' Preview: Emily and Haley Ferguson Double Date with a 'Bachelor' Couple
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Bachelor fan-favorite twins Emily and Haley Ferguson return to the small screen as they attempt to search for their own happiness on The Twins: Happily Ever After. The Freeform series, however, isn't about the twins dipping their toes in the dating pool since the show will be mostly be focusing on their journey to self-discovery.

"Our show will be about Emily and I moving out of our Mom's house and learning how to do 'adult' things at the age of 24," Haley told Entertainment Tonight.

"On The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise you only got to see us dating," the twins said. "This series isn't about us dating, it's about us learning to do things we find difficult that the average person might find pretty easy! [It] will be more relatable to younger people learning how to be on their own for the first time!" 

When Emily and Haley joined The Bachelor season 20, they listed "twins" as their occupation -- making them immediately stand out for their absurd profession choice. They both competed for Ben Higgins but both were unsuccessful. Haley was sent home in the fourth week while Emily lasted until the seventh. Despite their elimination, the twins became fan favorites for their refreshing sense of humor. Determined not to date the same guy, Emily and Haley tried to find love again on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, where they provided comic relief on the show. However, they both decided to leave Paradise together in week four after realizing that they haven't felt serious connections on the show. Since then, they have made several appearances on the Bachelor spin-off Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?, providing support and sometimes even serving as the voice of reason for engaged couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell. 

Not surprisingly, the Bachelor season 20 couple will also drop by on The Twins: Happily Every After. "[They'll] help us along on our journey to learn how to be more mature while still maintaining our optimistic fun loving outlook on life," the twins explained.

In the trailer below, the twins are seen going on a double date with Ben and Lauren, race car driving, cooking pizza and going to a fortune teller to try to find out which one of them is going to get married first.

"We're trying to adult as hard as we can," says one twin, who basically sums up what this show is all about.

The Twins: Happily Ever After premieres March 20 at 9/8c on Freeform. Want more news? Like our Bachelor Facebook page!

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