The Hit List: 10 Reality Shows that Need to be Whacked
The Hit List: 10 Reality Shows that Need to be Whacked
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Every show has a shelf life. Much like the yogurt in my refrigerator, there are a ton of TV shows, both scripted and reality, that have long passed their expiration dates. Here are 10 reality shows that are starting to sour or are simply down right rancid.

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Bridezillas: The show has caught women behaving rudely, irrationally and selfishly for nine seasons. From Staten Island to Miami, ladies have abused limo drivers, battered their fiances physically and emotionally, thrown fits in front of make-up artists and hairstylists. One diva almost assaulted a seamstress while another used child support money to finance her event. The excuse provided by all is simply, "It's my day." WE needs to RSVP no to another season of Bridezillas.

Bad Girls Club: This show about women with psychological and behavioral problems who live together in a mansion is the brainchild of Jonathan Murray, co-creator of MTV's The Real World. In earlier seasons, any physical contact was grounds to be evicted from the show but that rule no longer seems to apply. This glamorization of bullying and exploitation of women from poor socioeconomic backgrounds, some with criminal histories, should never have aired much last be in its 10th season.

Toddlers and Tiaras: It's bad enough to see a young girl smoking fake cigarettes for a routine or another chugging energy drinks because she is tired and cranky. Mostly, the real heartbreak to to see a mother attempt to comfort her daughter after a loss only to berate her for her mistakes simultaneously. It is also boring: plain and simple. The girls, for the most part, as well as their mothers are interchangeable. Perhaps, this is why TLC developed the spin-offs Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Cheer Perfection.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians:  This real life Brady Bunch from hell has ingrained themselves permanently into not only American pop culture but the country's collective psyche as well. Their "reality" shows reveal no talents other than good genes and are essential platforms for them to manipulate and mold their public images. Brody Jenner is rumored to be joining his family on Keeping Up with the Kardashians dashing all hopes that some Hills viewers had of never seeing him again after that show's infamous finale. I hold Kris Jenner single-handedly responsible for igniting the phenomenon of being famous for doing absolutely nothing. That is the sad legacy she has left her family.

Dance Moms: The talented young dancers on this show have always been literally overshadowed by their strict dance teacher Abby Lee Miller. Trow some fierce stage moms into the mix and the result is the same every week; a lot of screaming and yelling. The most disturbing aspect of this show is the derogatory insults that Abby and moms: Melissa, Christi, Kelly, Holly and Jill hurl at each other. How does this affect these girls' body images when their mothers call their instructor fat, or how do Paige, Kendall and Chloe feel when Abby refers to their mothers as alcoholics.

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