'The Bachelor' Week 4 Preview: No-Kissing Rule, A Meltdown and A Roller Derby Accident
'The Bachelor' Week 4 Preview: No-Kissing Rule, A Meltdown and A Roller Derby Accident
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If you think Tierra's tumble last week was her most dramatic ploy to get Sean Lowe's attention, then you're in for a surprise tonight on The Bachelor. Not only will she rub the other girls the wrong way, she also has a huge meltdown! Of course, there are other things to look forward to besides Tierra's drama, including a no-kissing rule, a roller derby accident and a luxury date.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight's Bachelor.

Tierra's Meltdown

Tierra is quickly becoming a villain on The Bachelor and tonight's episode proves it. Tierra threatens to leave the competition when she starts to feel the tension from the other bachelorettes. She complains that she "doesn't trust anyone" and she's annoyed that no one understands it. She also declares that she's "breaking down inside" and "deserves so much more than this." But it looks like this is yet another ploy to get Sean's attention because right after she steals Sean's hot tub time from Lindsay, she smiles while saying, "I get what I want."

Selma's No-Kissing Rule

Selma finally gets her one-on-one date with Sean this week and it involves a limousine ride and a private jet. Though it seems that she's in for a luxury treatment, Sean has planned an entirely different date for her. It turns out their heading to the desert landscape of the Joshua Tree National Park in Twenty-nine Palms, California, where they go rock climbing. Later on the date, Sean wants to kiss Selma but clearly she has reservations as she says, "I can't kiss you." 

Amanda's Roller Derby Accident

In this week's group date, Sean takes eight women for a roller derby match but unfortunately things don't go as planned. Sarah has an emotional breakdown as she faces another physical challenge while Amanda falls hard on the ground and is rushed to the hospital.

Leslie's Luxury Date

Another bachelorette gets the "Pretty Woman" treatment and this time it's Leslie. Sean takes her on a lavish shopping excursion on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills where she is treated with  diamond earrings and a necklace worth half a million. The date leads to an elegant dinner and private concert by Ben Taylor.

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