'The Bachelor' Season 19: Who Will Be the Next Bachelor?
'The Bachelor' Season 19: Who Will Be the Next Bachelor?
Lindsay Podolak
Lindsay Podolak
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Now that the dust has settled after the finale of The Bachelorette, it's time to move on.

What, you thought you could sit back and relax now that you know Andi chose Josh for her first husband?

Of course not! It's time to start thinking about who the next Bachelor should be!

After the Final Rose came and went with no mention of who the chosen one is. All Chris Harrison would say is that the next Bachelor would be announced at a later date.

Let's take a look at some of the contenders.

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Chris Soules

Chris Soules, a.k.a. "Farmer Chris," has been the rumored top choice for weeks now. But I just don't get it.

Sure, he's got that All-American good guy charm like Sean Lowe, but he's kind of boring. (Also like Sean Lowe.)

Then there's the fact that he lives in Iowa. On a farm. And he ain't moving! Do you really think the producers of the show can drum up 25 gorgeous gals who are excited about the prospect of moving to a cornfield?

Also, if Chris is indeed the choice to be the next Bachelor, then why didn't Chris Harrison just come out and say it during After the Final Rose?

One positive of having nice-guy Chris as the star is knowing that he won't pull a Juan Pablo and repeatedly insult the show after filming. Hopefully.

My Verdict: JUST SAY NO

Marquel Martin

rsz_marquel.jpgMarquel Martin was a fan favorite during Andi's season of The Bachelorette. He is good-looking, warm, and outgoing. Plus, he bakes cookies. I'd pick him as my boyfriend for that reason alone.

He seems like he would be the perfect candidate for next season's Bachelor. But ... there's that whole race thing. ABC has never strayed from having white Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

Guess what, ABC? I think the viewers can handle it. Hell, they're practically begging for Marquel to be the next Bachelor. Give the people what they want-- cookies and Marquel!

My Verdict: HE'LL DO

Nick Viall

rsz_nick.jpgOh, Nick. You took me on such a rollercoaster this season on The Bachelorette. I went from loving you to hating you to back to loving you, just in time for you to get coldly dumped by that bitch Andi.

Nick's reaction to rejection reminded me of another Bachelorette runner-up, Ben Flajnik. Ben was utterly devastated by Ashley Hebert ending their relationship in favor of marrying J.P. Rosenberg.

But somehow, Ben nursed his broken heart and was able to be the next Bachelor, winning that "prize" of a fiance, Courtney Robertson. (And later, Kris Jenner ... but that's another story.)

Back to Nick. Nick is intelligent, witty, willing to love, and a talker. He is perfect for the job.

There's just that slight problem of him calling Andi out on live TV for banging him in the Fantasy Suite only to dump him days later, but I can get past that. Can't you?

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Also there's just that emotional factor. Nick is devastated. He needs to find love. The show can help him find love and then he can rub it in Andi and Josh's stupidly happy and lovey-dovey faces. Take that, Team Murray!

My Verdict: HE'LL DO

Some Random Guy

Remember back in the old days when The Bachelor used to pick a random dude for its star? What happened to that? We had no preconceived notion about him coming in and we discovered everything about this new guy right along with his female contestants.

When we know who the star is coming into the season, there's the chance that viewers won't even bother tuning in if they didn't like the person already.

I had so many friends tell me that they weren't going to watch Desiree's season of The Bachelorette because she was such a bore on The Bachelor. Or that they didn't want to watch Andi, because she's so full of herself and annoying.

A random no-name solves that problem, plus it brings fresh blood into the franchise. Speaking of which, I'd like to suggest my brother-in-law Darren for the role. He's single, he has a job, he doesn't live on a farm, and he's funny. See? There you go. I just cast the next Bachelor for you, ABC.

My Verdict: HE'LL DO

Of course there's always the chance that the producers have someone else up their sleeve that isn't even on our radar. That's fine, too ... as long as it's not somebody like Jef Holm or Brad Womack for the third time. Thanks, but no thanks.

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