The Bachelor: Melissa Knew Before The Show
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Previously, we reported that the sensational finale and the consequent special of The Bachelor reeled in a record number of viewers – in fact its biggest audience in five years.  In a nutshell, 15.5 million people saw how Jason Mesnick pick Melissa Rycroft in New Zealand only to dump her and pick Molly Malaney six weeks (or several minutes) later.  The thing that irritated a lot of people, however, is how Mesnick brazenly did it all in front of the camera.

Perhaps to save face, Mesnick is now claiming that Melissa knew all about the doomed status of their short-lived engagement way before the cameras started rolling for the After the Rose Special.  He adds that Melissa chose to play along, so he, for his part, doesn't regret a thing.

"Melissa definitely knew before going on [the show].  I mean, our last conversation was: 'Are you gonna to wear the ring?  Because you know we're not together.'  And I think that she probably had some hopes still that maybe I was gonna change my mind, 'cause she was really upset,” he tells

“We've talked about not being together over the phone but I had to tell her stuff in person, too.  I'm not as cowardly as it might seem or as much of a jerk as I might seem for doing it on camera.   But that was my only chance to do it.”

Asked, quite naturally, why he proposed to Melissa in the first place, Jason conceded that it was a mistake.

“I'm the stupid one.  I shouldn't have proposed. But at the moment, I thought I was doing the right thing because she [Melissa] was the right one.  She was the person I always dreamed of.  Why wouldn't I propose to the person I've always been dreaming of?”

At this point when the parties are saying different things, it's really hard to tell who's telling the truth.  You be the judge as the drama continues on The Bachelor.

- Glenn Paul Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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