The Bachelor: Matt Grant Dumped Over The Phone
You didn’t really think they’d make it, do you? Ever since Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas became engaged on the 12th season finale of The Bachelor, viewers have been crying foul and calling their relationship nothing more than a publicity stunt. Even Shayne’s own father admitted to Matt, while taping the show, that his daughter thought it would be good for her career to be seen on a major network. Matt ignored the warning signs and got down on one knee to propose to his little “monkey”. Since then, the couple has been the subject of tabloid fodder, with stories being generated constantly about whether or not the two are together. The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column this weekend ran a story that said that the two are history and Matt had to find out in the worst way possible – a cell phone call.

Bachelor fans already know that Matt and Shayne jumped the gun when they moved in together without really knowing each other. The pair soon realized that they needed a little space and Matt grabbed himself an L.A. bachelor pad. Perhaps the pressure of getting serious became too much for Shayne to handle and she just needed to put an end to things. According to Page Six, Shayne called up her fiancé and told him that it was time to cool off. A source close to the couple said that Grant was “devastated”, not only by the news but in the manner in which it was delivered to him.

Just last week, Shayne was spotted by several eyewitnesses cozying up to a media mogul in Las Vegas. When she was asked about stepping out with other men at the taping of The Bachelorette’s “After The Final Rose” special, she said that she had several male friends but that Matt was secure enough in their relationship and didn’t get jealous. Matt was asked if he was with Shayne only for a green card, a claim that he laughed off and dismissed. Though the reason for their breakup remains unclear, one thing is for sure: These two won’t be going down in Bachelor history as one of the few who actually made it.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: New York Post
(Image courtesy of ABC)