'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Juan Pablo Shares Sentiment Over Fantasy Suite Nightmare, Fans Applaud Andi Dorfman
'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Juan Pablo Shares Sentiment Over Fantasy Suite Nightmare, Fans Applaud Andi Dorfman
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A lot went down in this week's two-night Bachelor event, including the hometown dates and fan favorite Renee's elimination. But all that was overshadowed by Andi Dorfman, the woman who deemed her fantasy suite date with Juan Pablo Galavis a nightmare. Below you can find Juan Pablo's response to Andi's revelation and departure, as well as the reaction from Bachelor nation.

If you missed this week's drama, you can catch up with our Bachelor recap. But Andi's statement should sum it up: "Waking up this morning I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite. I saw a side to him that I didn't really like and the whole night was just a disaster!" 

Apparently, Juan Pablo brought up his overnight with Clare and when Andi confronted Juan Pablo just before the rose ceremony, she accused him of not taking things seriously. It also didn't sit well with Andi when Juan Pablo said "it's OK" that she's not in love with him.

"I liked my night with Andi even though she has a different opinion," Juan Pablo wrote on his blog on People. "I don't agree with some of the things that she said but I respect that. I don't want to get into details - there's a reason why cameras are not there - but to me it was exactly as my other eight weeks with Andi had been. We were talking back and forth, laughing for hours. If she didn't feel that way, she could have left at any time, but she didn't. Listening to her talk about some of the things that she thought I said was very disappointing, but once again I respect other people's opinions and way of reacting to situations."

"Listening to her interviews shocked me, but like I said before, people feel, think and react differently to situations," he added. "The only thing I can say is that I take this process way more seriously than anyone on the other side. Andi had a hard time adjusting to this experience because she wasn't in control, and I understood how she felt. She put words in my mouth by saying that I used the word 'default.' It was because of her comments in Atlanta about wanting badly to fall in love that I almost decided to bring Renee instead of her, but I followed my heart and feelings instead. I respect people that want to leave if they don't feel that I could be the one. In Andi's case, it's okay. Yes, I say that a lot, but it's my way of saying that I understand the situation and that we are here to feel for one another, and if someone is not feeling it, there is nothing else to be done. You can't force falling in love. She argued that I had no emotions and that I didn't even know her, but I have to say that I know her as much as she knew me, and in this process, people get to know each other in only the short amount of time we have together. Does it really matter what her religion is? What color she likes? If religion was very important to one of the girls, I believe she would have told me. In Andi's case, she didn't, so I guess it was not that important to her."

Meanwhile, Bachelor Chris Harrison recalls how things between Andi and Juan Pablo went down.

"None of us on the crew expected this overnight date to go so wrong," Chris Harrison wrote on his EW blog. "When they went in the suite that night and we all left, things were fine and Andi was looking forward to spending some time getting to know Juan Pablo better. But when we talked to her the next day, she told us it was a 'nightmare.' Juan Pablo, on the other hand, thought things went swimmingly well and couldn't have been happier. It's amazing that two people could walk out of the same situation and have such differing views. Nobody but these two will ever really know what was said and what went down that night, but Andi was really bothered by it. She was just frustrated and tired of Juan Pablo, in her mind, not making an effort to really get to know or even care about her and her feelings. There was no question Andi was leaving. I learned that she was taking off before I sat down with Juan Pablo for our deliberation. Andi made a video message, but what she really wanted to see him in person and tell him everything she was feeling. So she showed up right before the rose ceremony to talk to him. The talk was interesting because Andi did a good job of articulating her feelings, but it just didn't seem to phase or move Juan Pablo and that frustrated Andi even more. In the end it didn't much matter because she was leaving and Juan Pablo was moving on."

While no one really knows what went down in the fantasy suite except for Juan Pablo and Andi, the assistant district attorney's juicy revelation and premature departure are enough for Bachelor fans to applaud and root for her. Here are some tweets from other Bachelor and Bachelorette stars:

Sean Lowe: "Andi #respect "

Lauren Higginson: "YES @AndiDorfman... You are a badass" 

Holly Julian: "I LOVE ANDI!" 

Sharleen Joynt: "Esss oh-kay @AndiDorfman" 

John Wolfner: "Juan Pablo is getting dumped....again." 

Brad Smith: "Andi actual gives a s*** about what's going on. It's refreshing to watch. She's a smokerrrr... I want an entire show of Andi mad.... She's majestic!"

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