'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: He Said, She Said
'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: He Said, She Said
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Going into the "Women Tell All" episode, I always felt that the highlight would be the return of Tierra, who caused the most drama in on The Bachelor season 17. While it was interesting to see Tierra face-off with the other women, another bachelorette took center stage with a revelation that left viewers wondering who's telling the truth: Sean or AshLee?
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On this week's "Women Tell All" episode, AshLee took the hot seat and accused Sean of lying to her and purposely leading her on by saying he had no feelings for the other two remaining women (Catherine and Lindsay). Sean denied this and tried to defend himself but AshLee's basically sticking to her guns. So who do you believe? Check out what Reality TV stars from The Bachelor franchise have to say:

Bachelor season 17 star Sean Lowe: "After Chris invited AshLee to the couch, she began to tell me that she always viewed me as a southern gentleman and how she was very disappointed that I didn't come check on her after sending her home. This totally caught me off guard. I wanted to be as nice as possible, but I also wanted to tell her that once you don't receive a rose, you know you only get a brief moment to talk it over before going home. She wasted that moment by not saying a word. That's why Chris Harrison says, 'Take a moment and say your goodbyes.' I don't want to sound unsympathetic, but that's how the show  works... Had I checked on AshLee, I feel that would have only delayed her healing process by sending her mixed signals. Next comes the accusation that I did not see coming. AshLee proceeded to tell me that during the course of our overnight date, I told her that I didn't have feelings for the other two women. Let me set the record straight - I never said that. I would never say that. It just doesn't make sense. Of course I had feelings for the other two women. That's been apparent for weeks! And not only did I have feelings for them, I was falling in love with them. I even had feelings for women like Des and Leslie, who weren't even there anymore. In that moment on WTA, I felt like it was an attack on my character, so I began to get defensive. I was so stunned by the accusation that I was speechless. To this day, I don't know what I may have said that would have given AshLee the impression she got, but I am sorry if I said anything at all that misled her because that was truly not my intention. I am also sorry that she's still harboring these feelings of resentment. I wish nothing but the best for AshLee, and I hope she finds a great love one day.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison: "As far as what was really said in the fantasy suite, I honestly have no idea. This is a classic case of he said, she said. You'll have to judge for yourself and decide who you believe in this case. In the end, it really doesn't matter. Sean made the right decision to say goodbye to AshLee and continue with the two women he felt he had a stronger connection with. I know that doesn't make AshLee feel any better, but if we learned anything about her during this season it's that she is a strong, resilient woman and will be just fine." 

Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky: "AshLee seriously called Sean out last night. I know he's a born again virgin, but her behavior really makes me wonder if they got physical together in the fantasy suite. She said she felt "dishonored" by him. I was shocked when she said that Sean said  he didn't have feelings for the other women, maybe that is what she meant by being dishonored. That was intense. I don't know who we should believe. I think Sean is a good guy, and I think he must have said something to AshLee about the other girls and probably wasn't thinking when he said it. I just don't think AshLee would have reason to call Sean out if he didn't say anything about not liking the other girls, especially when she thought the cameras weren't rolling. Why would she continue to push Sean and say he said he didn't like the other girls when she thought it wasn't being aired? I like Sean. I like AshLee. But something strange is going on here.

Bachelorette season 8 runner-upArie Luyendyk: "After watching AshLee cling onto the past and not getting the closure she craved, my bet for the next Bachelorette may be off... AshLee told Sean, 'That's not what you said in the fantasy suite.' That statement strikes a cord with any contestant that makes it to the final three. That's why I laughed so hard with Sean during the first episode when I said that. Sometimes, you hear what you want to hear. This may have been the case with AshLee."

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