The Bachelor: Episode 12.6 Recap
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt headed out on the dreaded but always comical hometown dates. He traveled to meet the families of Shayne, Chelsea, Noelle, and Amanda. Matt had to deal with revelations and being grilled by family members and one woman, who decided to play a huge prank on him. With four women left, he only had three roses to give out tonight, ending his relationship with one of them. Here are more details on Matt’s hometown visits on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor.

Matt visits Shayne’s family first and meets her parents separately, since they are divorced. When she meets her famous father, Lorenzo Lamas, he blurts out to Matt that Shayne was just interested in getting on television when she decided to go on The Bachelor. Shayne is furious and quickly tries to defend herself, saying that she is only there for him. It seems to be good enough for both Matt and her father, who accept and appreciate what she has to say about her feelings. He meets her mother, who prepares a traditional British meal to make him feel like he’s home. Matt had a great time and didn’t want to leave.

On his hometown date with Chelsea, he tries to explain to her family just how serious he is about finding love. Though it seems obvious to her father that she is falling in love with Matt, Chelsea has yet to articulate that to the one person who needs to hear it most. After a nice, relaxing meal, it’s time for Matt to head out. Chelsea walks him to his car and gives him a nice, long kiss. She tells him how much she loves spending time with him and tries to let him know how much she has fallen for him.

When Matt goes to meet Noelle, the two enjoy a nice day in the country, taking a hike and going on for a ride on horses. Noelle’s family is very warm and welcoming, definitely approving of Matt. Before he gets away without an awkward moment, Noelle’s sister asks him straight out if he is falling in love with her.  Matt said yes but also admitted that he was falling in love with more than one woman.  Noelle shared some sweet moments with Matt but ultimately, chose to keep her guard up.

Finally, Matt went to see Amanda and it was a hometown date to remember.  Amanda, knowing that Matt loved pranks, hired two actors to play her parents.  Her father asked uncomfortable questions while her mother tried to make out with him.  When Matt couldn't take another moment of being there, Amanda admitted that it was all a joke and brought out her real parents to meet him.  They ended up having a great time and Matt thought the joke was "brilliant" and the best prank he's ever had played on him.

At the rose ceremony, Matt chose to give the first rose to Shayne.  His next one went to Amanda with the last one going to Chelsea.  Matt decided to eliminated Noelle, feeling that their connection came too late.  She took the rejection well and said that it wasn't the first time her guarded nature cost her a chance at love.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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