The Bachelor: Episode 12.1 Live Thoughts
It's back!  Ready or not, another man is about to attempt to find true love and the woman he'll spend the rest of his life with.  Forget the fact that the last 11 relationships have yet to end in marriage.  In fact, most of them have just ended.  Matt Grant told the media in a press conference last week that he doesn't care about the show's track record.  He feels that he's different and he knows what he's looking for.  He assured us that he has found true love so now, we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.  Tonight on The Bachelor, he meets 25 women that he'll have to whittle down to 15.  I'll be updating live throughout the hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

We're introduced to Matt.  Is it weird that I can't decide whether or not I find him attractive?

ABC shows a preview of what is coming up this season.  Is every woman on this show catty and immature?  Surely, there has to be one diamond in the rough.

Chris is doing an interview with Matt.  Just get to the women already!

Alright finally!  Here we go!  Amy seemed to demand attention right away, spinning around and offering her hand to him.  Yikes.  He likes Devon and thinks she's beautiful.  Someone just asked him where he's from.  Did the accent not give it away?  He's a fan of Ashlee, the singer.  She's very cute and seems sweet.  It looked like he made a connection with Shayne.  It ain't over yet.  He still has to meet 10 more women!

Marshana's outfit is amazing and she made it herself.  That'll make an impression for sure!  I have a feeling, though, that Matt is going to like blondes this season.  He's flirting with Holly now, another blondie.  Okay, I know Stacey does something crazy later but trust me, she's nutso right off the bat. 

Time for the party.  The girls are falling all over themselves.  Matt just did an American accent - it was pretty funny.  One girl engaged him in a political debate while the other chewed through an aluminum can.  Wow.  Who breaks that out on night 1?  Rebecca's dance skills should be enough to send her home.  Ashlee is singing a song for him now, a moment I always find awkward.  She seems a little too young for him.

Ugh, Stacey, shut up.  Marshana has it right: Stacey is tacky and classless.  She does not belong on this show.  Matt will surely send her on her way at the end of the night.  Now, she has her hands all over him but he didn't seem to be interested in that.  Yep, Stacey just slipped underwear into his pocket.  SO GROSS.  WHO DOES THAT?

He's with Shayne now and it seems that she's a strong contender for the first impression rose.  I take that back.  Matt grabbed the rose but it's not for her.  He shocks the whole party by handing it to Amanda R.  I guess he does like brunettes.

ABC just said that coming up, Matt will face "the most difficult decision of his life".  You know they're going to say that ALL season long!  Every decision is the most difficult decision.  Hype it up, ABC!

Here we are: the most difficult decision.  Time to send 10 women home.  First, he's got to hand out the roses.  Chelsea is called first (way to go, arm wrestler).  Next, he calls Shayne, Michelle P., Marshana, Ashlee, Noelle, Erin S., Amy, Carri (can chewing CAN get you somewhere), Kristine, Robin, Kelly, and Holly.  The last rose goes to Erin H.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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