The Bachelor: Episode 11.6 - Ring or Fling?
Finally, now things are getting a little more interesting.

For the past few weeks on The Bachelor, Brad Womack's reaction to the women has – to me – told mainly one story: his attraction to Jenni.

Although there were definitely other angles that were being edited into the story, just from his reaction alone, it seemed like everything was very obvious.

For example, I've agreed with the comments that have pointed out how sweet, composed and gracious Sheena has seemed to be throughout the season. She even recovered from an embarrassing fall down the stairs on a nationally-televised reality dating show with as much dignity as was possible within the context.

And, as many commenters have also noted, Brad's own twin brother commented to him how much he liked Sheena. Considering the family story of how Brad introduced his twin to his (Chad's) own current wide, there seemed to be a lot of weight to Chad's recommendation.

However, all along, I've just sensed exactly what Brad said after he sent her home – he just didn't feel the sparks. Although he clearly sees her to be a great woman, he just never seemed to have that feeling that she was a great woman for him, and I felt like that came across loud and clear.

I wonder if that's why - despite the constant melodramatic voiceovers about this episode being “The Most _____ Ever!!” or “The Biggest _____ in Bachelor History!!” - I've found this season to be pretty devoid of drama when it comes to Brad himself.

Kate Brockhouse from the last season of The Bachelor, has been writing an interesting blog about both her experiences on the Andy Baldwin season and her impressions of what's going on in the current season. There have been comments from women who say they are from the current season, and it would appear Kate has been in contact with them offline as well.

Of course, this is all speculation as this is the internet and none of this in confirmed, but Kate has the following to say about Brad Womack: “I have talked to some of the girls from this season and they all say Brad is a really great guy, for real. I can kind of see that too. He seems very attentive. He has a conscience. He feels bad for letting girls go and you can tell it really is hard for him. Kudos to you Brad, you're a great guy.”

Maybe Brad's relative level of being reserved (compared to other seasons) has made for a slightly less suspenseful season. He seems to be communicating a lot non-verbally, and it makes it harder to get caught up in the “romantic fantasy” edit that the show might try to give a girl when Brad's own body language and demeanor seems to so clearly communicate, “I'm just not that into you.”

With that said, though, there was an actual interesting development this week and now I'm back to two girls in the Ring column!


Jenni and DeAnna. DeAnna's standoffishness and attitude towards the other girls had knocked her not only off this list, but I sternly stuck her in the Fling list recently with my disapproval for her lack of friendliness.

But her home visit really seemed to thaw the ice princess, and who doesn't love the idea of joining a big happy family that laughs and drinks ouzo and dances? Seeing DeAnna in such a warm and loving environment really illuminated a different side of her. Maybe the coldness was a bad edit or stress from living in the house? If she can really bring more of that open-hearted energy of her family, then I could see her being a good match for him.

Even with the development with DeAnna, though, I still think Brad has seemed most magnetically attracted to Jenni so far. The distance is an issue, but such a strong initial attraction can something make people willing to try other things in order to maintain the heady feeling of chemical attraction.


Bettina I think must be off the list due to the reception of Brad by her family. I really felt bad for him. As the two sat on the steps and he defended his lack of a degree, it seemed like you could see that he's a guy who – despite what must be a lot of hard work to build the successful businesses that he has created – maybe still carries around some bad feelings about not having that piece of his education. The family's judgmental attitude seemed to genuinely hurt his feelings. I just don't see how a relationship could recover from such a start.

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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