The Bachelor: Episode 11.3 Recap
On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Brad puts the women to the test by sending his twin brother into a cocktail party to see who can spot the difference.  Most of the women realize the switch but a few remain clueless.  One group heads to the circus while another sets sail with Brad.  Hillary gets her own date with Brad, but it doesn't go how he planned.  Three women are eliminated.

Host Chris Harrison kicks off the night by dropping off the first date box for Stephy, McCarten, Jenni, Lindsey, Sarah, and DeAnna.  The girls find out they'll be heading to the circus.  Brad gets the girls a luxury box and everyone gets to be in the greatest show on Earth.

At the circus, Jenni gets some one on one time with Brad.  She asks him if doing a long distance relationship for a year would be something he'd be willing to try, should she win.  With her dance career being a priority, she needs to stay in Phoenix, to honor her commitment as a Suns dancer.  Despite his time with Jenni, Brad decides to give the rose to Stephy on that date, feeling that she opened up the most.

Hillary gets a one on one date with Brad and he brings one million dollars worth of jewelry along with him for her to wear on their special night.  He takes her by private jet to San Francisco where they share a romantic dinner.  Most of Brad's night is spent comforting Hillary, who can't seem to stop crying.  She's gotten emotionally attached to him very quickly.  To help reassure her, he gives her a rose as opposed to sending her home.

Kristy, Sheena, Jade, Bettina, and Solisa head out for a day of sailing with the bachelor.  Bettina gets some time alone with Brad, finally sharing her secret that she has previously been married and divorced.  Sheena also has some time with him, but when she gets too competitive on the jet skis, the Coast Guard show up to give her a warning and Lindsey gets time with him instead.  On that date, Brad chooses to give the rose to Kristy, keeping her around for a little while longer.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Brad sends in his twin brother Chad to see which ladies notice and which are oblivious.  Sheena and Kristy do the best, noticing right away.  Sheena even mentioned little details about Brad's physical appearance that tipped her off that an imposter was in the room.  McCarten, Sarah, and Lindsey do not seem to notice though Chad felt that, given more time, McCarten would have figured it out.

At the rose ceremony, Stephy, Hillary, and Kristy were already safe, leaving only six roses left to give out.  Brad chooses to give them to Sheena, McCarten, Jenni, Jade, DeAnna, and Bettina in that order.  He eliminates Lindsey, Solisa, and Sarah.

Next week on The Bachelor, the girls begin to get jealous when the notice a special connection between Brad and Jenni.  Two rivals, DeAnna and Jade, head out on date with Brad but only one is coming home.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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