The Bachelor: Carri Perrier's Conference Call
25 year old Carri Perrier made quite an impression on The Bachelor's Matt Grant.  On her first night in the house, she displayed her talent for chewing through a soda can for him.  Her bold move won her a rose on the first night but on the second episode, her opera singing didn't quite cut it for Matt.  She was eliminated Monday night along with Michelle and Erin H.  Today, she spoke to the media in a telephone press conference and opened up about her unique talents, her feelings about Matt, and whether or not she felt pressure to perform in order to get his attention.

Carri said that always wanted to be on the show, having been a fan of it for many seasons.  Her roommate nominated her and when ABC came a-calling, she jumped at the chance to find love.  She admitted in today's conference call that she wasn't really sure why she was eliminated, saying, "That's really hard to tell. I hope that his intentions were true, coming on the show. I hope he's pursuing stronger relationships with the other girls."  She felt that she had a lot in common with him, initially.  The two come from large families, where they are both the youngest child. 

When asked if she felt pressure to perform in order to make an impression, Carri told BuddyTV that she was just herself.    "I'm a naturally quirky person so those things are bound to come out and that's what you got to see on tv. I didn't feel like I was competing against the other girls. These are things I've been able to do forever," she said.  She went on to tell the press that she has never shown the soda can trick to another man in order to impress him on a date.  Carri told BuddyTV that she didn't feel that her opera singing sounded her best due to nerves, but said she has no regrets about how she behaved.

Carri did have nothing but the best wishes for Matt and said that, out of all the girls, she hoped Noelle did well.  "She's a sweet girl," she said.  "I hope that she does not get hurt."   Carri finished up by saying that she loved being on The Bachelor and felt it was a very positive experience.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: ABC(Image courtesy of ABC)