The Bachelor: Andy Baldwin struggling to find support
Two episodes into ABC's latest season of The Bachelor and Andy Baldwin hasn't made a whole lot of fans.  After hyping their newest Bachelor as the best available human male on the planet, his on screen actions have left a lot to be desired.  If you tuned in last night, you witnessed a number of cringe-worthy moments involving Baldwin's touchy-feely ways. I'm not going to criticize Mr. Baldwin for trying to get busy during filming; it's what The Bachelor is supposed to do.

However, besides even the requisite bachelor grabby hands, Baldwin has generally acted like an immature golden boy, able to act upon any and every child-like whim.  Hell, the man has a car whose doors open vertically, like a Delorean. 

The whole premise of The Bachelor is predicated on The Bachelor being, you know, desirable.  I understand the need for ABC to focus on the physical attributes of prospective Bachelors, but I'm sure there's enough rich dudes out there who are young, handsome and likable.  Now, Baldwin isn't terribly unlikable, but I don't think I'd sit down and have a beer with him. 

Perhaps this is just one person's opinion, but looking around at the different reviews of the first two episodes, the consensus seems to be that Baldwin's personality (or lack thereof) is an issue.  It's still early in the season, so we need to give him a little leeway.  You can't judge how a person initially acts when thrust into an inherently awkard and difficult situation (i.e. having cameras follow you around all day while desperate women swoon all over you). 

Let's just hope that he redeems himself in the coming weeks.  He has more than enough time to do so.  As the amount of women are weened down to a manageable number (for The Bachelor) it should be easier for him to him ro relax and act more like himself.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer