The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman Finale - Who Got Rung and Who Got Flung?
There’s no point any longer in making any guesses as to whom Andy Baldwin will pick to receive the final rose on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman. (Unless, of course, you are on the West Coast when this is published, and have been diligently avoiding all spoilers, in which case, do not click through if you still want a surprise!)

Tonight’s episode tied up those loose ends and so now all that’s left to do is be the equivalent of a Monday morning quarterback and see how well we think Andy chose.

So what is the final verdict? Did Andy make the best possible choice or do you think he will come to regret his decision?


The spoilers were true…Tessa Horst did receive the final rose, and, contrary to the spoilers, accepted his engagement ring. (Maybe she changed her mind later or the two agreed to slow things down.) Regardless, she is the final girl standing with Andy.

As Tessa said herself, things were hot and cold for her with Andy. But, as many of our commenters noted, maybe that was precisely what Andy was looking for. Maybe it was, in fact, a case of opposites attracting. Andy, with his effusive, outgoing nature, might like the complementary style of Tessa’s reserved, slow-to-warm nature.

Or maybe it is more old school than that and the old chestnut that the fellas like to chase the ladies was true in this case. Andy commented many times that Bevin wore her heart on her sleeve. Maybe he was one of those guys who likes that attention, but ultimately has an old-fashioned chivalrous idea of winning over his lady. He also made several comments about Tessa’s sophistication and regal nature seem to indicate that there was something about her being slightly elusive and, in a sense, elevated, that captured his attention.

Tomorrow we will learn more about how the relationship has progressed and if it can maintain itself. Will Tessa’s newfound affection for Andy have survived the time apart?


Bevin Powers. Although she was not my favorite the way Tessa was, who couldn’t learn to like such a sweet person? Her emotional nature made her seem a little needy at first. But as she grew confident in her feelings for Andy, and in his feelings for her, that very same emotional nature transformed from neediness to an abundance of affection, showing that while she might be looking for a lot of love in a partner, she also has a lot to give.

It’s sad to see her reaction to the situation with Andy; she made several comments throughout the show that she has been “unlucky in love.” It’s unfortunate – although, I think, a very natural reaction – that she might see this rejection as some additional mandate on her ability to find love. I hope she can pick herself back up, realize this is just one of those things, and keep looking for the person who will be the right match for her.  With her athleticism, career goals, and open-heartedness, she should stay confident that she has a lot to offer and someone will see that.

What are some of your final thoughts and feelings as you watched the finale? Let us know in the comments below!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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