'The Bachelor' 14 Sneak Peek #2: Jake's "Copilot is Here!"
'The Bachelor' 14 Sneak Peek #2: Jake's "Copilot is Here!"
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
You know what the great thing is about finally getting the list and photos of bachelorettes for this season of The Bachelor?

You're right, it IS being able to judge and rank the ladies in our nifty slideshow format! Judging is fun.

But it is also that we are now able to discern who's who in the video sneak peeks that ABC keeps rolling out. I'm already excelling at telling these women apart!

Below, watch as aspiring "copilot" Ashley pulls out all the literal stops to secure her spot next to Jake in his cockpit.

(Editor's note: Can you believe that's the first time I've make a cockpit joke? Me neither! But the season hasn't even started, so I guarantee it won't be the last!)

Just for fun, and your pre-premiere edification, I've listed who's who in this video below. So get crackin' and pick your favorites before January 4!

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  • Ashley: the "copilot" costume-donner who immediately regretted her decision, but spent too much on the outfit to bring it all the way to L.A. and not wear it.
  • Tenley: the one who says "Oh my gosh!" in half amusement, half horror.
  • Vienna and Elizabeth (NE): the ones sitting together silently in shock and second-hand embarrassment.
  • Caitlyn: the one miming something about cleavage while wearing a sparkly mermaid dress.
  • Ashleigh: the poet who declares, "Whateverrrrr, if that's what you need to do to get someone's attention, then..." [Insert YEESH! face here] "...alright."
  • Ella: the one Ashley interrupts while she was talking to Jake. She mad.
  • Gia: master of the pilot puns who says, "I think we should tell her that her flight's being evacuated." I have so much to learn from her.
  • Jake: the one who I can't tell is being sarcastic or not when he says, "You must be really smart." Let's go with... yes, sarcastic. Because I'm already shaking my head at this season before it's even started, and I need something to believe in.

Two more sneak peeks are coming before the premiere on January 4!
Until then, here's that slideshow we discussed. Study up!