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Previously on The Bachelor, Molly did the walk of shame, Shannon picked her nose, and Nikki lost a head-to-head battle against Stephanie. At the Rose Ceremony, Jason Mesnick, that cad, decided to break all the rules and not give out the final rose.

And tonight on The Bachelor, everyone goes to Seattle! Yay! I'm so excited about this because, as you may or may not know, BuddyTV is based in Seattle, one of the best cities in America, and I'm totally going to be distracted by trying to identify local landmarks during these two hours.

The episode begins in the morning with the women in their jammies, getting the rundown of the week from Chris Harrison. There will be two one-on-one dates and a group date – and there won't be a rose on any of these dates – and, they'll all be flying to Seattle right away! Whoo!

In Seattle (or rather, Kirkland, because Jason isn't actually from Seattle proper), Jason races home to give Ty a big hug. I said this before, and I'll say it again, but I feel like Ty isn't as cute as some other kids I've seen. Maybe he'll get cuter as he grows up. By the way, the foliage is way too bright for a Pacific Northwest fall, so I'm sure there is some post-production color correction going on here.

The women pull up in a limo outside of the Olympic Fairmont Hotel, which is right in the middle of downtown Seattle. Jason is there to greet them and show them to their beautiful hotel suite. Jason invites Melissa to go on the first one-on-one date, much to Naomi's chagrin. Naomi is peeved because she's the only one who has not had a one-on-one yet, and it's critical because Jason has to decide soon whom to choose for the all-important hometown dates.

Jason gets ready for his date with Melissa, but Ty turns into Mr. Crankypants. Time for the Supernanny to do an intervention, methinks. He doesn't want his dad to leave at all, and demands some quality father-son time. Meanwhile, Melissa, dressed in her snazzy little black dress, is worried that he's late. Jason decides to forgo the fancy date he had planned (Space Needle, fancy restaurant, helicopter ride and a trip to a nearby waterfall) and to invite Melissa to come over to Kirkland for a chill night in instead. The other women are even more jealous since Melissa now has the opportunity to meet Ty ahead of schedule.

Melissa arrives at Jason's waterfront home to find a note on the door indicating that Jason is putting Ty down for the night so she should make herself at home. I guess for her, that means cleaning up Jason's and Ty's messes (cleaning up toys and half-eaten pizza). This is probably why I won't make a good parent. I don't like cleaning up other people's messes. She pours herself a glass of wine as Jason finally comes downstairs. After a little while, Melissa changes into some shorts and a casual top. Jason isn't quite ready for any of the bachelorettes to meet Ty, but he lets her peek into the room while Ty sleeps. A little later, Melissa and Jason talk cozily on the couch about kids. Jason wants more kids, and Melissa is totally into the idea.

Back at the hotel, all the other women can't help but feel enormously jealous of Melissa's unique and unplanned opportunity to check out Jason's actual home.

Jason asks Melissa whom he would meet if they go to Dallas for a hometown date. She says that it's hard for her to bring anyone home to meet the family, but the fact that she wants to bring him home is proof positive that she has real feelings for him. She is also apparently very different than the rest of her family. They make out some on the couch, which would probably cause everyone else to be even more jealous.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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