The Bachelor 12: Stacey Speaks Out
On Monday night’s season premiere of The Bachelor, 26 year old Stacey certainly drew a lot of attention but not for the right reasons.  After getting a little too drunk on the first night, she let the curse words fly and tried to monopolize as much of Matt's time as she could.  When she shoved her underwear into his pocket while he chatted up another woman, it was the last straw for Matt.  She didn't get a rose and was sent home on the first night but she didn't seem to care.  Today, Stacey participated in a conference call with the media where she said that she had zero interest in Matt from the get go!

When Stacey first met Matt, she knew right away that he wasn't her type.  “I like my All American bad boys,” she told the press. “I want to date a manly man, not my best girlfriend.” She did feel, however, that Matt was there for the right reasons. “I think that he was definitely there to find love,” she said.

It's unclear why she wanted to sign up for the show in the first place.  Throughout the conference call, Stacey made it clear that in no way was she looking to settle down and get married.  In fact, she went into this experience with no expectations at all.  “I never go into anything looking for something particular to come out of it,” she said. “I just ride with it and whatever happens, happens," she said.

Stacey will live on in reality infamy for shoving a pair of underwear into Matt's pocket while he was talking to another woman.  She says that that's just the kind of person she is.  “I just wanted to spice things a little bit, get the attention on me, which I sure did!” she laughed. “I’m very spontaneous, outgoing, and I figured, ‘Why not’?” When asked if she thought that Matt responded to her gesture, she said, “No, not at all but that’s okay. He wasn’t my type going into it so I figured anything I was going to do wasn’t going to hurt my anyway.” For those who wanted to know, she added: “They were an extra pair. They did not literally come off my body!”

Next week on The Bachelor (sans Stacey), eight women head to a fashion show with Matt, where they find out that they'll be the models.  The other seven go on the own group date with him and take a trip to Vegas for a night of partying.  Emotions run high at a cocktail party as the women stop at nothing to grab a rose from Matt!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: ABC
(Image courtesy of ABC)