The Bachelor 12: Shayne Lamas Bares It All
When Matt Grant dumped Chelsea Wanstrath on Monday night’s season finale of The Bachelor, she was shocked that he would choose Shayne Lamas over her. On her way to the limo, Chelsea stopped and told Matt that Shayne was the “fakest girl in the house”. There had been much speculation that Shayne only joined the show to help her acting career and get some exposure. Her own father, actor Lorenzo Lamas, even verified that to Matt during the hometown date episode. Matt, blinded by love, ignored the warnings of others and plowed full speed ahead into his relationship with the California blonde. The two are currently engaged but it’s not certain how long it will last, especially considering Shayne’s post-Bachelor projects.

For her first project, Shayne decided to pose practically nude on the cover of Girls Gone Wild magazine, which hits stands June 3rd. “To me, Girls Gone Wild is about fun and freedom. It’s a way for a girl to express confidence in herself,” Shayne said of her appearance in the magazine. She also said that Matt was fine with her decision, calling him “casual” and “respectful of women”.  Lamas certainly has no qualms about stripping down for Girls Gone Wild.  On an episode of The Bachelor, she bared at all in front one of the other women in the house when she found out that she had a home spray tan kit with her.

Shayne will also star in the upcoming movie, Deep In The Valley.  In the film, two men are magically transported into an adult themed universe.  The comedy follows the friends as they embark on a journey of "adult themed mayhem", according to IMDB, and one man finds love in the most unlikely of places.  Lamas has a supporting role in the film, set to be released later this year.

Matt and Shayne have come under fire by the media and Bachelor fans alike for milking their relationship for all the publicity they can get their hands on.  The two have drawn comparison to The Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.  The Bachelor couple swears, though, that their love is real and they have every intention of making it to the altar.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: National Ledger, IMDB
(Image courtesy of Girls Gone Wild)