The Bachelor 13: Episode 2 Recap (Page 4/4)
The Bachelor 13: Episode 2 Recap (Page 4/4)
The Bachelor Rose Ceremony:

Jillian, Melissa and Molly already have roses and, thus, are safe. Lisa has left the competition for personal reasons, which means that Jason has nine roses to deliver tonight, and two women will be going home tonight.

Jason begins the ceremony with the requisite disclaimer: "This is really, really tough for me. I just want you all to know that." I really wish that one of these days, we'll have an honest reality show star who will tell it like it is and say, "You know, it's not that tough to choose among you since I met you, like, two hours ago."

Jason gives roses to: Megan (suck it, Erica!), Nikki, Lauren, Naomi, Stephanie, Kari, Natalie, Shannon and Erica. That means that it's time to say good-bye to Raquel and Sharon. Sharon is the one who quit her job to be on the show. Oops!

Next week on The Bachelor, Stephanie and Jason dress identically for their first date, and her daughter crashes the party. Natalie gets some bling and a helicopter ride to Vegas. And everyone else decides to air their grievances about each other to Jason.

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