Former 'Bachelorette' Contestant Luke Pell: 'I Definitely Would Have Made a Better Bachelor'
Former 'Bachelorette' Contestant Luke Pell: 'I Definitely Would Have Made a Better Bachelor'
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Not everyone is happy about The Bachelor season 21 and that includes Luke Pell. The 32-year-old war veteran, who once fought for JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette season 12, shared his not so positive reaction about Nick Viall's season, making it seem like Pell is still holding a grudge for his thwarted Bachelor gig.

"I definitely would have made a better Bachelor. I'm one of the most genuine and honest people," Pell told In Touch.

"Based on the unsolicited feedback I've gotten from people, this season has been terrible," he added.

Pell was offered to be the star of season 21 but found out that the coveted position eventually went to Viall just hours before he was set to board a flight to LA to begin filming.

Besides saying he would have done a better job as the Bachelor star, Pell also thinks that Viall only went on the show for fame. "He could have ended this season and [gone back to a normal life], but instead he chose to do the most narcissistic thing you can do, which is Dancing With the Stars. I think that makes a statement," he said.

Meanwhile, Josh Murray, who has been Viall's nemesis since Andi Dorfman's season, also couldn't help but questions Viall's intention. 

"If people have two different agendas at the end of the day too, which may be the case, then there's no way that it can work out anyway," Murray to Us Weekly. "I don't know what his agenda is. I think people will see. I mean, what is his next gig? Dancing With the Stars? So I mean, I'm sure there will be a lot after that as well."

Still Murray wishes Viall and his fiancee Vanessa Grimaldi the best of luck in their relationship.

"I wish them luck," Murray said. "Hopefully they stay away and try to focus on themselves and not the outside world, because the outside world can really ruin people's relationships if you focus on it too much. Focus on each other. Don't focus on all the other mess and all the negativity that happens and then things could work out." 

Do you think Luke Pell would have made a better Bachelor star than Nick Viall? Or is Pell just bitter? What do you think of Viall's decision to go on Dancing with the Stars?

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